OlliOlli Release Date & Trailer

Tom Hegarty, Director of Roll 7, the indie studio behind upcoming skate-themed platformer come endless-runner OlliOlli, has taken to the Official PlayStation Blog to discuss the game’s impending release.

Today’s biggest announcement is that of a firm release date, 21st January for the Americas and 22nd January for Europe / Asia. That’s only a couple of weeks away. The game was originally touted for release before Christmas but “technical issues” unfortunately saw it pushed back, Hegarty said.


Pricing for the title won’t be revealed until launch, although a question regarding a demo of the game saw Hegarty reply, “No demo, but hopefully the reasonable price will tempt you in!”

If an undisclosed yet apparently reasonable price of entry isn’t tempting enough, perhaps you skater dudes should peruse this rather spiffing new launch trailer – which features a quote taken from our very own preview of the game some months ago. Radical, or something.

OlliOlli will feature various game play types including 100 levels though Career and Spots modes, which promise 250 challenges to master. For those who really relish competition there’s also the Daily Grind, a mode said to “heighten the element of competition combined with massive risk.”

Similar to Spelunky’s recently released Daily Challenges, Daily Grind sees a different spot unlocked each day, with everyone in the world getting just one shot to land their master combo and set a score for that particular challenge; try one too many rotations on your kickflippy-doo-dah and you’re out of the running.

Check OlliOlli’s Creative Director, John Ribbins demonstrating this with ‘hilarious’ consequences:

We’ll have a review of this hard-as-nails skater around release.



  1. Gameplay looks like it could be fun and addictive, but the graphics are too pixelated for me. I don’t mind retro-looking games, but this just comes off as a bit outdated to me. A shame really, as I fear other will feel the same and it could and probably will affect sales.

  2. Really looking forward to this. Here’s hoping the reasonable price is indeed reasonable.

  3. Could be fun, will wait for you guys to review it before taking the plunge :)

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