Alien Isolation Does What It Says On The Box: No Co-op Or Multiplayer

Did you all see the Alien Isolation trailer from earlier this week? If not, it’s the video I’ve posted below, go and spend one minute and fifty-two seconds with it and we’ll meet up again below for a bit more text, yeah?


Well, that was pretty atmospheric and even a little bit scary, wasn’t it? I know that some of you are thinking “yeah, but Colonial Marines looked good before they released it too.” but let’s allow ourselves just a little glimmer of hope to show through that gloomy canopy of cynicism.

This is by Creative Assembly, who are best known for their Total War games – an entirely different genre. They’re talented, capable team and the trailer at least shows that they know the right tone to aim for. The clear distinction they’re making that this isn’t an “Aliens” game but very definitely an “Alien” one is also incredibly encouraging.

So it has every chance of being very good indeed. What’s more encouraging, I think, is that the team has told RPS that there won’t be any multiplayer modes or cooperative modes in the game. It seems that they had some smart ideas for co-op but decided that their game should lean into the theme of isolation a little more faithfully.

In the interview, Al Hope, Creative Lead, told them that “for us the focus always was that single player experience. And I think because you have this dynamic alien and it’s about the player’s choices while they play it, it does mean that you can go back and try different stuff out.”

That sounds hugely encouraging to me. Development time won’t be spent on a multiplayer mode that will be functionally empty within weeks anyway and there won’t even be an opportunity for another player chittering in my headset while I’m creeping through that eerie space station. Sounds great.

Source: RPS



  1. Sounds good to me too. I look forward to seeing more of the work over the year.

  2. Would have liked to see some sort of co-op mode to increase longevity but I’m very glad to hear this is being designed as a single player game. Normally I wait for games to drop in price a bit before picking them up but I can see myself grabbing this one right away

  3. A good move would have been local co-op on this, you don’t have a random voice in your ear but you do have two people next to each other getting increasingly jumpy and feeding off each other in that way.

  4. I am quite thoroughly excited about this, though they could have held the suspense better by not showing us the alien. The rest of the ingredients look immense at least :)

  5. Sounds great. No tacked on co-op or multiplayer. Just isolation.
    Me against the enemy.

  6. Does sound good, I’ve got the likes of killzone and bf4 for online play – nothing wrong with a good atmospheric single player fps :)

    Do think I’ll wait for reviews though

  7. This is a refreshing change that a studio isn’t being pressured into some tacked-on multiplayer mode by the publishers. I’m all for it!

  8. This could be the new Dead Space (the first one – not DS2 or that action game with the guy from Dead Space 1 + 2). But until this comes out I don’t even want to know. No MP sounds great though.

  9. An Alien fan played Dead Space…. Looks promising as DST from last gen effing ruled!

  10. Yeh i’m not holding my breath after the last couple of Alien franchise games. Whatever glossy new trailer they have, they can shove it until the non-embargo date reviews come out.

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