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Saint or sin?

Now that we’ve got Grand Theft Auto V out of the way, we thought we’d step back a month or two and look at Saints Row IV. Well, that and the fact you voted for it in the poll.

Saints Row IV is a bit different from GTA V though. It’s like that game if you turned the graphical settings to low and activated all of the cheats, then threw in a heavy dose of Mass Effect references. It’s a fun and self-aware attempt at comedy in a medium which often lacks a sense of humour.

Beyond all of the comedy there was also a good game to be found. Yes, it had its flaws and the side quests were absolutely dire, but zooming around the city at super speed or jumping over buildings was great fun. It’s perhaps the best super hero game released since Arkham City, and it doesn’t even have any established heroes in it.

I reviewed the game, and found something that was really great but suffered from some issues which were hard to ignore, so I scored it a good 7/10. I summed my review up by pointing out the lack of originality:

Saints Row IV is a really fun game but it’s nothing at all original. Perhaps that shouldn’t be said about something that’s one of gaming’s few examples of a parody, but it really falters at the times it tries to do something entirely original, whether that difference be within its own series, genre or gaming as a whole.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of hilarious moments and there’s a lot of new here in terms of Saints Row itself. If you enjoyed The Third – or just like having a bit of relatively mindless fun – then Saints Row IV is definitely for you.

I really enjoyed the sci-fi twist to the game though, and the interactive music was a brilliant touch, coupled with the fact that you could now listen to the at times superb soundtrack anywhere, even out of a car. Not that you’d be using vehicles much with all of your abilities.

The story missions were also fantastic, with some gigantic set-pieces, though the side quests were only present to elongate the game and definitely needed some more development.

But what did you think? That’s the question we ask every week, and we’ll ask it again now: did you enjoy the return to Steelport, or did the lack of innovation ruin the experience for you? As ever, just drop a comment below with your thoughts on the game, and we’ll round them up into a Verdict article next week.

Don’t forget to add a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating on the end, so we can tally them up. See you next week!


  1. What’s not to love about it? Stupid weapons. Ridiculous powers. References to mildly obscure 1980s John Carpenter films. No pissing about trying to seduce NPCs, just gets straight to the point with some of the funniest scenes in the whole game.

    And more importantly, no real need for driving around in cars with terrible handling, which is usually a problem with all those sorts of games, where the cars handle as if you’re trying to push a jelly around with a bendy stick. While drunk.

    Oh, and that “How Many Licks Does it Take?” trophy in the Christmas DLC is the most fun you can have pressing a single button for 10 minutes.

    So yes, buy it.

  2. I really liked it.
    I was late to the party with 3 (after a rather dull experience with 2, but I digress)

    SR4 was a strange beast. Much derided for being a glorified expansion pack, but I think that is missing the point.
    Yes, the game was a lazy update to sr3, but it was a riot! Jumping over buildings, gliding across cities like superman on horlicks, beating the shiz out of everyone, all over the top and out of place compared to the normal game universes we see every day, so it was quite nice to have that level of ridiculousness.

    It wasn’t priced as a full game (or shops certainly charging full whack, I pre ordered mine and paid about £25) and if it was released as DLC, I probably wouldn’t have played it. For those reasons I will give the game a ‘bargain bin it’ rating due to it’s short gameplay, and the fact it was always relatively cheap.

  3. One of the most ridiculous games I’ve ever played. Buy it.

  4. Enjoyable missions with a good amount of humour. I do wonder what direction they’ll take with the next one after going all out with the super powers & story.

    About halfway through I started experiencing crashes every hour or so and there were a few glitches which meant missions had to be restarted. I would’ve tried to 100% it but the problems put me off.

    Bargain bin it.

  5. I get the expansion pack criticisms, there’s too much recycled from SR3 (which I consider a masterpiece) to sustain a full game experience for a fan of the series, but what is added is ridiculously fun, and the writing and set pieces are as entertaining as ever. Plus as a co-op experience I think these games are unbeatable. The price you can get it for now definitely warrants a Buy It.

  6. Buy it.
    Outrageous fun.

  7. Absolutely fantastic game. It is everything prototype should have been, namely fun. Buy it.

  8. It took me a little longer to get into than the previous game,but when I did,I throughly enjoyed it. Well apart from some of the side missions and occasional glitches.

    it’s a buy it from me :-)

  9. What happens when Saints Row decides to say “Fuck it!” and throws the typical modern day setting out of the window then hit it to death with a dildo sword?

    Saints Row IV.

    Everything has been cranked to 11. The over the topness, is on steroids which already was on steroids. The humour is much better then Saints Row the third and it’s much longer then the prior game. You have superpowers. Cars are pretty much useless and once you unlocked unlimited sprint, it is very fun running from one end of the map to te other and watching the trail of destruction behind you.

    The jokes are no longer toilet humour and are instead smart jokes. From parodies of certain NES games to taking the piss out of a certain Sci-fi game done by a certain RPG developer. But the powers are a bit underwhelming and i’m disappointed that cars can’t be picked up and thrown.

    Do wish that most of the game didn’t have a night setting as it is a bit meh.

    But apart from the obvious changes, it’s pretty much Saints Row 3 with a few refined features, the vehicle customisation has been overhauled and the combat has been refined. If you’re a fan of the previous games, you’ll enjoy it.

    If you love parodies and light hearted games, you’ll enjoy it.

    If you are expecting a rich detailed story with many choices. You may end up hating it.

    BUY IT! Or rather, BARGAIN BIN IT! as it’s cheap nowadays.

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