Candy Crush Saga Developer Trademarks The Word Candy

King, the developer behind successful title Candy Crush Saga, has trademarked the work candy. However before you think King can now go after sweet manufacturers this trademark refers to apps, and apparently clothing, which still affects a number of small time developers. A quick search on the Google Play Store alone brings up a few hundred titles containing the word candy.

However King has released a statement regarding the trademark saying the company won’t go after every instance of where the word is used, but will go after those it feels are infringing on its intellectual properties. On what criteria this will be judged hasn’t been fully explained.


Letters have also been alleged to have been sent out to different developers whose own apps contain the offending word. It will be interesting to see what affect this has on already released games, including ones that may have released before Candy Crush Saga.

Source: GI/Gamezebo




  1. Thank god the trademark doesn’t cover music as well, else Bow Wow Wow would be in the s**t!

  2. I’ve heared there going after the Predator “want some [email protected]#*y?”

    • *they are

      • Sorry it’s the yorkshire in me :D

      • I’m assuming this is due to you eating a Yorkshire and it didn’t get there in some other bizarre way because that would just be weird.

    • or *they’re

  3. How can they be allowed to patent the word Candy if there are already other apps using it?

    • It can’t apply to preexisting games.

    • It’s a trademark, not a patent, legally quite different.

      • Didn’t need that clarification but thanks anyway 3shirts :)

        Anyway i still don’t see how they can steal a word for their own use for future apps and yet previous apps can continue to use it. They can’t ‘own’ the word if it’s already in use and if they can then that’s just bollox imo.

  4. This smacks of throwing their financial weight around.
    I can see them trying to protect their IP, there are certainly plenty of dodgy knock offs trying to trick people or cash in on their success.
    The issue is how honestly they stick to the promise to only use it in that way. Candy is a very casual-game-friendly word. Appeals to kids and older generations, invokes images of fun, bright colours and sweetness. If they just stop anyone else from use that marketing tool, they pure suck.

    In any case, Candy Crush is, itself, just a reworked version of bejewelled so from where do they get this moral superiority anyway.

    • from being able to afford good lawyers and knowing the people they’re going after probably can’t.

      that’s where this arrogance comes from.

  5. and now they’re going after the creators of Bannermen Saga.
    a tactical RPG.

    because it has “saga” in the name?

    i hope these scumbags go out of business.

    this is that tim langdell edge thing all over again.

    clearly the law must be broken if a company can trademark a generic word like candy or saga and sue creators of very different products because of use of one of those words.

    so if somebody makes a game based around the band The The, could they then trademark the word The?
    so any game that use the in the title could potentially get sued?

    exaggeration for effect, but you get my point right?

    • Agreed, companies like that give the mobile gaming market a bad name .. wait, i mean an even worse name.

      And The The – Mindbomb, one of my favourites! :)

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