Candy Crush Saga Is 5 Years Old And It’s Been Downloaded A Ridiculous 3 Billion Times

Here’s some news to make you feel old and despair at the passage of time: Candy Crush Saga is five years old. It launched in November 2012 and never looked back, becoming the game that everyone seemed to be playing on their phones. It might seem that the idle match 3 game might have died down in recent years, but that doesn’t really mean anything when the game has been downloaded a truly ridiculous 3 billion times and continues to return to the top of the iOS and Android app stores.

Of course, they’re going to hold a little in-game event to celebrate, so there’s now a Party Booster update with some free boosters that can do things like remove all the candies from the board. You do need to be level 29 to get it and it’s available between now and the 23rd November on iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon.


But forget that. Five years and 3 billion downloads? Ridiculous.

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  1. Here, it’s me, I’ve not downloaded it. And I don’t even feel like I’ve missed anything.

    • I managed to avoid it too, feels good! :)

  2. Downloaded it twice but never played it for more that 20 seconds…

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