The Last Of Us DLC Has Left Behind New Screens And Intro Video

There’s plenty of reasons to look forward to Valentine’s Day even if you don’t manage to get yourself a date, and one of those is the release of the Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us.

Sony have just released the intro video to this, which introduces Riley, her friendship with Ellie and quickly lays the foundations for what looks like it will be another powerful and emotional story. It’s not really spoiler heavy, but you might prefer to wait for the actual release to see this regardless.

For those of you steadfastly refusing to click the play button, you can always check out a gallery of still images taken from the video.


  1. The motion capture/actor movement is brilliant, I really can’t wait to load this back up next month – it’s such a terrific game and I’m looking forward to some fresh single player. Would be nice if there are some exclusive/different weapons in this DLC.

  2. Looks great and will definitely be getting this. :-)

  3. I’ve been denying myself a second playthrough of the main game as i want it to forget as much as i can before playing it again, so i’m really looking forward to getting back into it via this dlc.

  4. Must resist pressing play!

    • Ha ha, my thoughts exactly. I really want to play this but so far I’ve managed to avoid watching any videos or reading anything about it.

  5. I never buy DLC out of principal, but I’m thinking I may just pick this up, purely because I loved the main game so much.

    Also, hasn’t this video been shown before? I haven’t watched it because spoilers, but the pics see awfully familiar..

  6. I hope there will be a TLOU complete edition at some point as i would love to play Left Behind due to how good Ellie is as a character and i know ND will pull it off. If they don’t, i’ll eat TSA’s server.

    • It wouldn’t be much content than the original, so i’m doubtful they’ll release one. Left behind has now been confimed as the only SP DLC & atm, we have 1 MP DLC.

      Extra SP content was a surprise, but they’ve dropped the ball online imo. Been waiting & waiting, to see what justifies a future season pass purchase. DLC is nowhere nr the 20quid asking price atm.
      When you look at the effort & timing release of dlc, for UC2 & UC3, the difference & support, is night & day.

      I’ll be picking up Left Behind no doubt(incl in season pass?) What happened to MP content, no momentum to be seen. If you add on MP, you must support it.

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