Celebrate DUST 514’s Anniversary With Boosts, A New Starter Pack & Operations

It’s been just a shade over a year since DUST 514 entered its open beta, which to all intents and purposes means that January 22nd was the first anniversary of the game.

Amusingly, they’re being quite coy about making too big a deal, probably so they can break out the bubbly in a big way for the official release in May, but there’s still a few special events and treats for players to enjoy.


First up, they’re kitting people out with equipment giveaways through their newsletter and with the WAR Kit Hoplon free until the 28th for PS+ users (you have to select the right version within the store listing), which gives you hundreds of dropsuits and weapons to make use of. There’s also the release of a new Starter Pack, which has 40 pre-fitted Stahl Assault C-I Dropsuits, 40 each of three further weapons, 40 Echo damage modifiers, a 3-day Active Skill Booster and 1250 Aurum.

Now’s actually a pretty good time to get started or return to the game, with five times the SP awarded for earning War Points during battle until the 29th. This in addition to cheaper and more effective Skill Boosters elsewhere in the game.

Finally, there’s a showdown between Scouts and the other dropsuit classes in Operation Shinobi and Operation Shadow Hunt. The former tasks scouts with getting Nova Knife kills to earn more equipment, which does include additional Nova Knives, while the latter sees everyone else rewarded quite handsomly with bonus ISK for killing Scouts. The top tier will net you 50000 ISK!

Most of this will have wrapped up by the middle of next week, so all that’s left to do is to with DUST Happy Birthday!

Source: DUST 514



  1. I’ve been playing Dust. It’s a great game. Well designed, and they seem to have the Free to play model spot on.

    However, I have also been playing Planetside 2 on PC in anticipation of the PS4 release. Planetside 2 is the better of the two games by a significant margin.

  2. I don’t see any PS+ deals for Dust? Is this US only?

    • It’s there, but it’s strangely tricky to find. Follow the link to the Hoplon in the article above, then click on “Choose Version” and there’s a second entry which says that it’s free for PS+.

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