Sony Goes On A Diet And Teases Its Slimmest PlayStation Launch

Sony has sent around an invite to an event next Thursday where the company will be introducing its  slimmest launch. There isn’t any more clues other than that, but it’s quite easy to hazard a guess as to what will be announced.


The most likely thing to be revealed is the new Vita model, the PCH-2000 which launched in Japan a few months ago. It’s 20% thinner than the standard Vita, 15% lighter, and ditches the OLED screen replacing it with an LCD screen. It’s also available in a host of colours too. If that’s the case then it could give the Vita a new push in western markets.

Other possibilities could be the PS Vita TV, though it would make sense to call it something else like the tiny launch, considering the Vita TV is only 6cm x 10cm in size. Then again it could get announced too during this reveal alongside the Vita 2000.

Another possibility, though an outside bet for now, is the new PS3 model recently announced and created with PlayStation Now in mind. However, that reveal may be saved for a bigger event such as E3 or Gamescom. It will be interesting to see what Sony will show on Thursday.

Source: Sony invite


  1. I’d say Vita 2000 as it’s only that and the Vita TV, that can be fit into the “slimmest yet” category (let’s not forget the size of the PS2 slim).

    The “now it’s time” also suggests (to me) that it’s a companion device to the PS4 so…. ties together nicely.

  2. PS4 Slim, definitely.

  3. Get the OLED-based Vita while you can, I say.

    • I’ve got a Vita 2000 and I can honestly say the LCD screen is superb. The darks aren’t as dark as the OLED but that is literally the only drawback to the console. It’s wonderful to hold, a good weight, the battery lasts aaages and the styling harkens back to the PSP 3000. Great piece of kit. I’ll try to take some decent pictures and post them in the forum.

      • What I most hate about the new design is not the screen itself but how its integrated into the unit… or not really, i.e. that stupid, ugly line around the entire screen.

      • I know what you mean actually, in a lot of pictures it looks a bit nasty, especially in white. In the flesh it looks and feels solid, the boarder around the main screen blends well into the sides where the buttons are. It’s nice in black, honestly :)

  4. I hope the Vita picks up a little more this year, it is deserving of far more attention than it gets. I got mine in August and it’s been the most I’ve used a handheld since the first Pokemon appeared.

  5. 64gb vita memory card.

    • Already available, I’ve got one in mine. Imported from Asia though…

  6. A new PS3 would be strange, but name would make sense (Slim, Super Slim, Slimmest).

  7. PS5!!!

  8. PSP 3000 = 18mm
    PSP Go = 16.5mm
    Vita 2000 = 15mm
    Vita TV = 13.5mm

    I think that says it all. Vita TV it is.

    In addition, it seems weird calling a Vita the “slimmest playstation launch” – putting it in context with the PS4 as the “biggest launch”, makes me think this is more likely to be a TV based console, rather then the Vita 2000.

  9. Vita TV I think.

  10. playstation now console!!


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