Vita Exclusive Demon Gaze Looks To The West

Dungeon-crawling JRPG, Demon Gaze, will be launching in North American and Europe this April exclusively on PlayStation Vita.

The game will release here on the 25th with a collector’s edition in tow, complete with art book, soundtrack, and a fancy case.

As a so-called “Demon Gazer” you will gather four customisable party members before tackling dungeons and other hostile areas. With eight classes and five races, there seem to be plenty of combination, especially when you factor in the game’s “Subclass” feature.

Other highlights include Vita-specific functions such as touchscreen travel and, of course, some beautiful anime artwork.

Source: Press Release


  1. I love the trailer above. It’s both baffling and amusing as David Moyes’ scouting and transfer policy.

  2. Looks great to me. Dungeon crawler in the vein of the Japanese Wizardry games.

  3. interesting, can’t quite tell what’s going on but the text of the article makes it sound like something i’d like.

    can’t have too many RPGs as far as i’m concerned.

    but why, being a Vita exclusive, is the front page thumbnail for this news a slim PS3?

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