Out This Week: Demon Gaze & JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

April is slowly coming to an end and, as everyone settles back into post-bank holiday schedules we only have two new releases. On this week’s agenda are a pair of quirky Japanese imports so, if anime art styles and foreign dialogue aren’t your thing, you are probably better off checking in next week.

Demon Gaze | PS Vita | Friday 

First up we have yet another Vita exclusive, this time from NIS America. Developed by Kodakawa Games and Experience Inc. Demon Gaze seems to follow the conventional turn-based JRPG formula. As protagonist, Oz, you will trawl through dungeons capturing demons while powering up your customisable squad.


The concept may seem a little outdated yet the JRPG has seen a bit of a revival recently. Fans of Square’s Bravely Default and the Etrian series should certainly check this one out.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battles | PS3 | Friday

Bringing the number of Sony exclusives to two, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure makes up the second half of this week’s retail releases. Based on the popular manga series, the game won’t be immediately familiar but at least it has pedigree, developed by Naruto developers, CyberConnect2.

With numerous story arcs to explore and a total of 41 playable characters it looks like it could be a great alternate fighter, albeit one with very niche appeal.

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  1. Fortunately I’m starting to seem a little outdated myself, so I’ll give this a try.

    Demon gaze has caught my attention being the only first person, turn based, square grid based, EoB like game I’ve seen in ages. It’s certainly the only one I’m aware of for the vita.

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