News Snatch: Titanfall Exclusivity Deals, The Evil Within And Battlefield 4 Promotions
Zut Alors! Un nouveau trailer pour Titanfall est arrivé, mais il est en français. Vous pouvez seulement regarder si vous portez un béret et manger une baguette.

More Titanfall news, it appears that the decision to make the game Xbox One exclusive was due to predicted sales of the consoles.

“I think you should assume that we made that decision when it was back a few years ago when we decided to go exclusive,” said EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen. “We had some forecast at that time from where we thought both Xbox and PlayStation would be and that’s what we based our decision on. I think we’re still feeling very comfortable with that.”

That’s a bit odd as Respawn said Titanfall is Xbox One exclusive due to the Cloud, not sales forecasts. Also contradicting the “we made the decision years back” is this tweet from Vince Zampella.

A popular Battlefield 4 Youtuber has admitted he was paid by EA to promote their game but also admits he did not disclose that his videos were paid for promotions.

“Everything that I say in my Battlefield videos is genuine; no opinions are bought, and thus I didn’t feel the need to disclose that I was getting paid by EA to say what I want,” explained LevelCapGaming.

He also said that “turning down the money means turning down the press access” and that if he didn’t not take the cash then he might not be able to pay for flights to visit shows and conferences.

Annoyingly, the question of using YouTubers to promote games was one I was going to raise at a recent BAFTA talk, but sadly they ran out of time before I could raise the point. I did tweet Mike Bithell about it though. That counts, right?

Staying with Battlefield, Ghost Games have been hit with lay-offs with the remaining staff allegedly reassigned to a “Police themed” Battlefield title. An unannounced Need For Speed title has been also been put on hold if the rumours are true.

Zynga have purchased Natural Motion, a company that specialises in animation technology. Interested? No, me neither.

A spooky new trailer for The Evil Within, which looks very Resident Evil-y with a splash of the underated Silent Hill movies.

According to all sources, “The street’s the place to go”*, and these mysterious sources also say the PS4 1.6 update, which will bring PlayStation Pulse headset compatibility to the PS4, will arrive on February 22.

*The song is back in the charts this week so I am justified in reusing this quote.

The Need For Speed movie aired a new trailer during the Super Bowl, it’s the one just above this text.

Apple have patented pressure sensitive bezels – in other words, turned the bits around the sides of the screen on an iPad in to buttons.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2‘s soundtrack gets a “making of” video set in the famous Abbey Road studios.

The Last of Us has picked up the Writers Guild award for best script in a video game.

GAME have followed Microsoft’s lead and you can now trade in a PS3 for a discounted Xbox One.

£299.99 is the price of a Solus Xbox One console when you trade in an Xbox 360 250GB + 5 games, or PS3 250GB + 5 games, or PS3 320GB + 5 games. Get an Xbox One FIFA Fixed Pack for only £319.99 when you Trade-In. £319.99 is the price of an Xbox One FIFA Fixed Pack when you trade in an Xbox 360 250GB + 5 games, or PS3 250GB + 5 games, or PS3 320GB + 5 games

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishment has got a new trailer, you can read our preview here.

Rambo: The Video Game has got a release date and it is 21st February. A release in North America & Canada for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, will follow later in Q1 2014.
And Finally, the brainwashing has begun..


  1. Do you have plans to bring back the weekly news video?

  2. Good times! I appreciate it probably takes up loads of your time but I really enjoy em :)

  3. Really looking forward to The Evil Within. Bringing back so many Resident Evil on PS1 memories!

  4. Um Titan fall is not and Xbone exclusive its out on PC and 360 too.

  5. That video of the Xbox girl is brilliant.

  6. Maybe they’ll do Titanfall HD Edition for PS4…….. ;o)

  7. I suspect someone needs better sources for PS4 update. Looks like it’s coming tomorrow, and not on the 22nd.

    Not that Sony are saying much about it, other than it adds some headset support. At least not until it goes live. Too much to ask that it adds some sort of folders so I can organise things in something other than a long, horizontal line? (I guess the library feature already does it in a format that doesn’t waste quite as much screen space. But hilariously only works if the PS4 is online and the PSN isn’t down for maintenance or anything)

  8. I wonder how many casual gamers will realise that titanfall is online multiplayer only when they buy it.

  9. I finished school nearly 13 years ago and yet I’m amazed how well my GCSE French has held up – I was able to read and understand that paragraph perfectly. Lol.

  10. A police-themed Battlefield sounds interesting, hopefully it will be something similar to the Getaway.

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