TitanFall Exclusive To Xbox Due To Microsoft’s Cloud

Respawn’s TitanFall is – PC aside – exclusive to Xbox consoles. That means the game will appear on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but won’t appear on PlayStation 3 or 4.


Why? Well, it’s apparently because of the cloud system that Microsoft has been so hotly touting – despite there being no such flexibility for the 360 and Sony themselves claiming that the PS4 can use cloud computing if needed.

The game was initially intended for all platforms, according to a recent interview [via], but Microsoft’s extensive server farms allowed the developers “to think of the game a little differently” with Vince Zampella saying it was “the perfect solution”.

TitanFall is Respawn’s first game.



  1. Their loss… They’ll soon change tack when PS4 sales start dwarfing X1 sales :-)

    • Since EA is involved, this remind me of their “unprecedented partnership” with Nintendo that abruptly ended when they realized that the Wii U isn’t selling as good as they hoped it would.

      • Haha

        EA will go where the revenue is, hopefully Sony market the PS4 & its games well then it should get the install base that makes it difficult to ignore the machine.

    • Its teh cloud……

      Really. PS4 and PS3 both have ethernet ports and wifi, so any cloud claims are utter bullshit and hot air on Microsoft’s part.

      • Hot air like a Fart in a bag lol ;)

  2. I can’t remember offhand, the Sony executive who said, “the PS4 can use cloud computing if needed,” but evidently is was needed for this title. Needless to say, i’m left slighty confused

    • Oops sorry, just clicked on the link… Shuhei Yoshida.

  3. What a bunch of bullshit. Thank god it’s not a game I care about. If this was Destiny I’d be pretty pissed right now.

    • That would’ve been painful. Destiny is my most anticipated PS4 title.

    • You said exactly what I was thinking too KeRaSh, utter bollocks.

    • To be honest, aside from the mechs in Titanfall, the two don’t look all that different to me.

      • The set piece of the on stage Destiny demo really impressed me with its scale. Then there’s the Borderlandish loot aspect and RPG elements. The sum of things give off a very fresh vibe, whereas Titanfall tries to still please the COD crowd (and it will certainly work, it just doesn’t seem to cater to my personal taste).

  4. Replace ‘cloud system’ with $$$ and we have a more accurate picture.

    • This. If it’s all down to the power of the cloud, how the fuck can the Xbox 360 and PC version handle it then?

      Utter bullshit. Just admit that you’re sellouts.

      • This, I was planning on giving this a look on PC but I think I’ll stay well clear.

  5. Is that so Repawn? lol
    Well, I can’t really watch the video at work but judging from the few seconds I did just see, the fact I saw someone leap from the ground on to a building whilst animated like he was standing still with no signs of inertia etc automatically puts me off the game.

    • really?, it was pre-alpha gameplay, obviously the animations aren’t going to be finished yet.

      most of the games won’t get the animations/collisions 100% until a month before release.

  6. I don’t particularly like being so cynical to anything Juan related but Microsoft are making me do it. I’m sure everyone in their marketing department are all Undercover Secret Sony Agents.

  7. Smoke & mirrors.

    Any software or game on any connected device can offload anything it wants to the cloud as long as it’s not time critical, eg… Some GPU tasks.

  8. As the article says, there is no cloud for 360, so this is bullshit. If it was on PS4 you wouldn’t need the cloud as the power would already be there.

    Fortunately, like most of what they showed, this didn’t interest me in the slightest. We’ll, it did, but only until the mechs appeared; then I lost interest.

    But don’t spin us bullshit, Respawn – just ‘fess up: they opened their wallet and you asked how far they’d like you to bend over.

  9. I don’t want to sound negative in light of this news – but is it me? or does this look a bit last gen, as in early PS3/X360? A bit poor mans Killzone with the mechs and the jump packs?

    I do however wish it every success though as it’s Respawns first title.

  10. BS. More like MS wanted a tight grip on a game from the original COD devs.

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