Out This Week: Fable & Fables

How convenient is that then, eh? Two Fable-related games in a week. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Right, so it’s already February and after weeks of proclaiming that gaming greatness is just around the corner, now it actually is. We can almost smell that new-gen second wave from here but for now here’s two releases to keep that old hardware ticking.

Fable Anniversary | Xbox 360 | Friday


Having originally launched almost a decade ago, Lionhead’s Xbox RPG landmark is back and better-looking than ever.


According to the first wave of reviews, it’s not a complete overhaul. Some of the game’s archaic mechanics and features have either been streamlined or replaced entirely. Graphics-wise, however, everything has had a once-over with only a few blemishes remaining.

Still, for newcomers it’s a great opportunity to leap into one of Xbox’s best-loved series.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 – Smokes and Mirrors | PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac | Friday

This week also sees the return of Bigby Wolf and the Fables cast in this second downloadable instalment from Telltale Games.

If that name doesn’t sound familiar then it should. Along with a cluster of other developers, Telltale has helped to reinvigorate the adventure game genre with a serious approach to characters and narrative.

In other words, if you liked 2012’s The Walking Dead then you really need to get in on this, fast.



  1. I agree, I think The Wolf Among Us is better than TWD! Very much looking forward to this episode.

  2. May grab Fable, I loved it back on the original Xbox (2004? Really?) but I’m also thinking about grabbing Tombraider for the PS4 as I haven’t played it before…

    Or maybe I should just get both!

  3. Finally, The Wolf Among Us episode 2! Took them damn well long enough!

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