Adam’s Venture Chronicles Out Now For PlayStation 3

Adam’s Venture Chronicles, an adventure game from indie developer Vertigo Games and Playlogic, is available now from the PlayStation Store in the US. It should be out later today in Europe.

Taking all the instalments of the PC original and combining them into a polished and optimised version for the PS3, join Adam Venture in what looks to be an Indiana Jones meets Nathan Drake hybrid.


The game will have you platforming and puzzle solving around 1920s Europe and Middle East as you search historical sites for ancient artefacts and try to stay one step ahead of the – cliché alert –  evil Clairvoix Corporation.

The game is priced at €11.99 (EU) and $11.99 (US) with a limited time 20% discount for PlayStation®Plus members



  1. Indian Jones?
    i must have missed that movie. ^_^

    anyway, looks more like a Tomb Raider game than the actual Tomb Raider game did, apart from the fact it’s a bloke in the lead role.

    i’m gonna see if there’s a demo.

  2. Trying to find a review for it. Any chance The Sixth Axis will do one for it anytime soon?

  3. That looks like my kind of game,hopefully it plays well but I wouldn’t be surprised if it reviews poorly. But action adventure platform games are my favourite types of games.

  4. This looks promising, puzzles, platforming, artefacts and a plus discount. Ticking boxes!

  5. At least it looks better than Unearthed and unlike that game this one seems to have collision detection.

  6. That’s a bloody awful name for a game.

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