Alleged Trophies For PS3 Version Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Leak Out

A few months ago there was a bit of a situation where PEGI rated Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack for PS3 but then removed the rating rather hastily, which sparked the question whether the ratings board had let the blob out of the bag too early. During that period Drinkbox Studios replied to our inquiry with a picture of Professor Oak milking the pokemon, Miltank, which you can see here.

Now it appears a trophy list for the PS3 version has leaked, which you can view below:

  • Amuse Bouche – Eat the final cork in Level 1 (Bronze)
  • Graduation Dinner – Eat the valedictorian at the end of Chapter 1.
  • Houston, we have a problem – Board the rocket at the end of Chapter 2.
  • It Came From Outer Space – Take a ride on the space elevator at the end of Chapter 3.
  • Getting the Boot – Boot yourself over the spikes at the end of Chapter 4.
  • Delicious Magnetic Balls – Eat the magnetic balls at the end of Chapter 5.
  • Galaxicide – Eat the solar system.
  • Not too shabby – Earn a silver or better in five levels.
  • Jealous – Look up the top score on any leaderboard.
  • Finally, monsieur, a wafer thin mint – Absorb 1500 objects.
  • Extinction – Eat all of the escape pods in the final level.
  • Master Tilter – Complete all of the Tilt-A-Blob levels.
  • Blob Friends Forever – Collect all Blob Friends in the game.
  • Golden Blob – Earn a gold medallion in every level.

However the trophy list is the same as the Vita ones so it could be that someone has just created a page that makes it look like the game is coming to the PS3. We’ll see what Drinkbox Studios says about this.

Source: PSN Profiles


  1. Mutante blogs? Like a blog about photography that ups a post about cuisine? Anyway, would love to est the valedictorian again…

  2. Someone there is a Python fan ;)

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