Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Announced for PS Vita

They weren’t kidding when they said that the Vita would be constantly supported in terms of games. DrinkBox Studios has announced that ‘Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack’ will be making its way to the new handheld.

A follow-up to Tales from Space: About a Blob, which we gave a very good 8/10, Mutant Blobs Attack will feature new levels, new powers and controls, and a new Blob player character.

DrinkBox Designer, Chris McQuinn, had the following to say:

“The control systems available on the PlayStationVita have allowed us to experiment with all kinds of new gameplay possibilities.  We’re finding that touch controls in particular can be used to complement traditional thumb-stick puzzle-platforming very well.

We learned a lot developing our first game – we want to use that experience to deliver the best game we can in Mutant Blobs Attack.”

Source: Press Release


  1. Just hope the support for the Vita keep coming after launch and beyond.

  2. Definately a lot of early Vita support. My main concern at the moment is that almost all of these games I can play on my PS3… rendering the Vita completely pointless for someone like me who doesn’t use public transport for his daily commute to work

    • In the battle for the telly between ps3 and soaps that girlfriends watch , I think the vita could be handy, especially if you can use cloud saves to connect the two so that you can carry on :)

      • lol definately agree with you there actually. What they demonstrated at E3 with ‘ruin’ (I think?) where you could jump from PS3 to Vita was a nice touch.
        That said, I have a have a spare mini TV for emergencies such as the one you mentioned above ;)

      • Try and get her interested in games? That’s what I’m doing, it’s not working.

  3. Tales from Space was amazing :D A real hidden gem. Great to see they’re doing a sequel, and that it’ll be on Vita

  4. How many of these PSVita games are retail and PSN games?

    • Sony say they’re not talking about that just yet.

  5. Saw this on the Blog, good to see this support before launch, but, as has been mentioned before, hopefully it is well supported after launch. It would be great to see some big 3rd party games on there too as well as the great first party content (although I’m sure AC Vita will keep me going for a while, when it hits)

  6. So many games, losing track of them..

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