Job Listing For Sumo Digital’s Next Racer Doesn’t Sound Like Sonic

Though the title for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was just a bit ridiculous, Sumo Digital’s kart racer was actually one of the better kart racers of the last few years. A job listing makes it sound like their next project has nothing to do with Sonic, let alone karts.

Of course, they’ve tackled a wide variety of projects over the last few years, doing work on LBP 2’s Cross-Controller DLC, Nike+ Kinect Training and more, but this job description is all about cars:

We require a gas-guzzling, do-nutting Petrol-head for an exciting design opportunity!

Are you a car freak? Do you have at least three years of design experience on high profile console driving games?

Sumo is looking for someone with great experience and a passion for tweaking the physics and performance characteristics of a wide range of vehicles in a successful driving franchise to join our team of Stig Fantasists in Sheffield. A background of successful game design experience is important, as is an understanding of (and passion for) car handling, set-up and the console racing genre.

Given Sumo’s strong ties with Sega, this might hint at a new OutRun game, which is certainly a successful franchise but has had half a decade out of the spotlight. Then again, it could be something else entirely.

Source: Smart Recruiters, via NeoGAF


  1. Outrun does seem likely, but the talk of car set up and handling would imply a more technical simulation type game.

    maybe Sega are bringing back Metropolis Street Racer.

    i know there hasn’t been a MSR title since the Dreamcast, but the spiritual successor to that series, Project Gotham Racing series did well on the Xbox for a few years.
    until Bizarre joined Activision at least, and MS abandoned the series in favour of the Forza games.

  2. I think it’ll be lawnmowers

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