Watch Dogs Scheduled To Release In Either April, May Or June 2014

Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs will be releasing in either April, May or June, with the information coming from a third quarter sales report that was released earlier today. However, this release window does not include the Wii U version which has been further delayed. Yves Guillemot said the following about the sales report.

“Today we are specifying our targets for full-year 2013-14 and are confirming our target for
non-IFRS operating income for 2014-15. Fiscal 2014-15 will see an exceptional games line-up,
with the release of five major titles including Just Dance, The Crew and Watch Dogs, which is
scheduled for release in the first fiscal quarter. Our line-up is also expected to reap the benefits
of the return to growth in the console market and the increasingly significant impact of digital

The report also mentioned that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag shipped 10 million units, while Just Dance reached 6 million units shuffling to stores. However Rocksmith 2014 shipped less than expected units coming in at under a million. Hopefully we’ll soon know an exact release date for Watch Dogs soon.

Source: Ubisoft



  1. Still on track then, it was fiscal Q1 when they announced the delay I think. Just hope it lives up to the hype.

    • I was going to say, I wonder if it will, people were going crazy for it before the delay.

      • Marketing will be key I think. I have little concern for the actual game.

      • For me, the reason it appealed was it was going to be my first open world title on next-gen (Assassins Creed really doesn’t interest me).
        With Infamous looking to take the genre to a completely new level, I doubt I’ll bother with WatchDogs now to be honest. Would have been much better as a launch title

  2. So it’ll be out in June then!

    • June 31st… no, wait…

    • Come on my birthday! *fingers crossed*

  3. They need to keep the hype up that was there before the ps4 was released. I haven’t heard anything about it since October.

  4. Wii U version delayed = Cancelled.

  5. Fine by me, gives me time to finish other games!!

  6. I just want them to stop toying with my heart! Pick a date already!!

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