Community Chronicle: 16/02/14

As I try to think of an intro to write, someone just retweeted something from the “doge” meme. So I just thought I’d air the fact that I don’t get why it’s funny.

Lolcats I understand, and the Shiba Inu at the heart of all this is a simply wonderful looking dog, but I think the broken English pasted over the pictures in Comic Sans is beyond me and feels like it’s trying too hard to replicate lolcats.

But maybe that’s just me.


There’s often a repetitive theme in the gaming news, and this week was no different. However, it was refreshingly open and honest of Warner Bros. to admit that they would not be patching Batman: Arkham Origins’ outstanding issues until they had finished working on upcoming DLC, if at all.

While the honesty was applauded, the decision rankled with many. Eldur chipped in with his thoughts:

This sort of behaviour needs to be stamped out, and stamped out quickly. Some of the bugs yet to be patched are truly game breaking, and the 360 version is still suffering from an issue that corrupts game saves.

Chasing more money from DLC before correcting an essentially unfinished game is bad logic and terrible for gamers.

It’s a move which has put others off the game, with mrfodder saying that “an attitude like that means [I’ll buy] no DLC,” and blackredyellow stating, “I’ll actively avoid this game having heard this.” As a parallel to this, even with several rounds of patches and DICE moving back to active development, it was fascinating to see several people still reporting that Battlefield 4 suffers from major issues.

The ever-devisive, ever-discussed and ever-unpopular topic of game resolutions cropped up once again, with Titanfall’s Beta running at the unusual 792p. Though Respawn hope to get this up to 900p for the final release, they won’t be able to maintain their 60Hz target at 1080p.

Rumour has it that the Kinect is part of the reason why developers are finding it tough to eke out every ounce of performance from the Xbox One, and Eldave0 claimed that this is “Further proof that the Kinect has to go. So much of the X1′s spec is wasted on that bloody camera, which is causing the quality of games to suffer. Don’t get me wrong, in a game like this 60fps is far more important than visuals, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask for both given the console is 3 months old and boasts a £500 price tag.”

Having said that, Titanfall is a shining example of a new franchise that tries to put a fresh spin on gaming and one of several upcoming games that are sure to persuade more people to buy new hardware. It’s one part of a busy Q1 schedule, as Peter wrote about how the post-launch dry spell seems to be coming to an end.

There’s still plenty who won’t make the jump for a while yet, with PS3 backlogs and releases often a reason that was in the comments. However, Freezebug commented from a different perspective:

I feel sorry for the gamers that struggled to get the cash together in paying for a next gen console which meant forfeiting their last gen machines as a trade in. I think that they have been slightly let down, especially with games like DriveClub being delayed as it has and being one of the major launch titles.

Personally, I do feel there’s still plenty to enjoy and, with online gaming having taken such a commanding hold over the last generation, many of the launch titles have multiplayer components that provide some endlessly repeatable entertainment. Just ask Tuffcub if he’s bored of Killzone: Shadow Fall yet, or the thousands of players who log into Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 on a regular basis.

But if you are desperate for something new, it’s not much longer until Titanfall, inFamous: Second Son and all the rest are coming out. Just have a little patience.


It’s been a while since I finished a game and told you about it, so I want to report that I finished FEAR 3 with bunimomike. I’ll leave it to Mike to tell you how he felt about the game in the comments, if he sees this.

It’s a somewhat similar sentiment, I feel, to Lyts1985 and how he felt after completing Knack on Hard difficulty; there’s just no desire to go back to it. Thankfully, he did find that desire to return to and finish Tomb Raider on PS3 and enjoyed Contrast enough to earn 100% of the trophies.

R1MJAW also finished a trophy list to 100%, fudging his way through the online component of Pool Nation alongside Forrest. This as he cruises through the 5000 remaining km before he can earn the Gran Turismo 6 platinum.

He’s just got that final trophy to achieve, and it’s a similar place to several others, as Youles is practically done with the online requirements for the GTA5 platinum and Chris has just two online trophies left for Assassin’s Creed 4’s.

That game’s always in the Chronicle these days, and gets a second mention courtesy of element666, who defeated his last legendary ship before and will now have to head online for those last few trophies himself.

My other gaming exploits this week saw me teaming up with McProley, Youles and Wick15 for another run through of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Extinction mode. McProley finally got the last trophy from this section and managed to polish off the platinum.

But we finish things off with a truly ridiculous accomplishment, as Crazy_Del followed through on his promise from last week and earnt his 200th platinum. Then his 201st and 202nd. He’s nuts!

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed on Vita and Ridge Racer Unbounced were the latter two, while Killzone: Shadow Fall had the honour of being his 200th.

Oh, and all three were new records for the Fastest Platinum leaderboards.

We’re nearly done, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

If people want to keep sending photos in, I’ll be happy to post them, but gaming places is no longer a regular feature. If you fancy it, just use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

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  1. The main reason for my comment about next gen was lack of choice for those people having made that jump to next gen solus. Nearly everyone on my friends list has reverted back and forth between last gen and/or Vita and next gen, and those people that I mentioned don’t have that choice.

    Even though there are some spiffing software titles out for next gen, they obviously won’t all be to the taste of everyone so a 10 title list might only yield one or two games that appeal to some people and they’ve had to stretch those couple of games out without the option to fire up the PS3 during the wait.

    This won’t apply to me when the day arrives as I’ve kept hold of all previous gen consoles and games….also having the patience to wait while the PS3 and more recently Vita keep giving. ;)

  2. With the new website design of the PlayStation site, it seems my PSN ID card hasn’t updated. Shame really as I had a sixth platinum there, and hopefully a seventh by the end of this week. I hope they bring a nice new design to the PSN ID cards.

    • It’s the same for everyone, trophies sync fine but they don’t then sync with portable id’s….since earlier this week anyway. I reckon there’ll be some sort of partnership with PSNprofiles in the near future….watch this space! :P

    • It’s fixed, I just checked the PSN website and the trophy information now corresponds to the portable id. card on my account and of course the console trophy list after syncing.

  3. Thanks for the mention. It’s Ridge Racer Unbounded not Unbounced =P
    Tomb Raider will be my 203rd Platinum xD

    • 203, christ man thats amazing, i imagine its taken some doing and some frustrations. Good job

    • Mad skills Del, No. 23 in the UK trophy level leaderboard at the moment!

    • 203! That’s the most I’ve ever seen, thought my 26 was good!

  4. Great achievement guys

  5. Thanks for the mention tef. Many thanks to youl, Youles and wick15 for your help. Also congrats to everyone else on there achievement successes

  6. Finally made level 16 yesterday.
    I thank my Vita for that one!

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