A Story About My Uncle Reveals A Whole New World

Coffee Stain Studios has been quite busy recently what with bringing Goat Simulator into gaming reality, and now the company is set to publish a new game developed by Gone North Games called A Story About My Uncle. It’s a first person exploration title which won’t have any violent elements, and it has currently only been confirmed for a PC release. There used to be a demo available to play but it has been taken down, as part of the publishing agreement is the most likely reason.


It’s been created using the Unreal engine and it does look very interesting. It looks like it could be an interesting first person platformer, using what appears to be a blue tether to navigate the environment which seems to be breaking apart. You can see a broken bridge and the falling rocks seem to suggest that this world is in some state of decay. A Story About My Uncle will be out later this year.

Source: Youtube/PR



  1. “which would have any violent elements” – not sure what you mean there. Are you saying it would have violent elements (but they’ve not been shown yet) or is it a type and you’re saying there won’t be?

    • It was a typo. Was meant to write won’t.

  2. Ooo, that looks interesting. Hope we get to see more of this as time progresses. Please update us, TSA. :-)

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