Futuridium EP Deluxe Will Be Colourfully Flying On To Vita

MixedBag games has announced that a new version of their game Futuridium EP, which released on PC for free last summer, is coming to the Vita with a deluxe upgrade. It’s a very nice looking shoot ’em up which will apparently be pretty difficult to master. The player has limited control over the ship and energy is always going down, which means you have to find that energy in time to continue.


The Vita version of Futuridium will run at 60fps, have brand new levels and modes to try out, new enemies to outmanoeuvre and destroy, as well as being faster, trophies, and new ways to die. There will also be new music present in the game, and going by the trailer it sounds fantastic. In fact MixedBag has made two of tracks available to listen to on the PS Blog, one of which is below.

The game is set to release in Q2 2014 and prices are still to be decided. If you fancy grabbing the PC/Mac edition for free then you can do so from Desura.

Source: PS Blog/MixedBag/Desura


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  1. Looking forward to this on Vita

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