Titan Invasion Overrunning The Sony Consoles This Summer

Curve Studios has unveiled another game being ported over to the PS4, PS3 and Vita this summer in the form of Puppy Games’ Titan Invasion. The game is actually two games rolled into one with Titan Attacks and Revenge Of The Titans making up the package, and both fit into their own style instead of having similar gameplay. The story itself follows the the invasion of aliens and Earth’s last stand against annihilation.


Titan Attacks is similar in gameplay to Space Invaders and contains 100 levels with an upgrades to make the ship stronger as levels advance. Meanwhile Revenge Of The Titans is a different beast mixing RTS and tower defense as wave after wave of Titans try to destroy the defences. The trailer above showcases the gameplay for the latter title and it does look pretty frantic, spread across 50 levels.  Titan Invasion will run at 60FPS across all three platforms too.

Source: Curve Studios



  1. Should be perfect on the Vita. But only the OLED version of course…

  2. Looks like fun, I think I’ll have to get this, any idea if it will be cross buy? Think this is one I will play on the Vita anyway.

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