Trailer For The Walking Dead Episode Two Of Season Two Shows A House Divided

Telltale Games has released a trailer for episode two of The Walking Dead Season Two, and it’s called A House Divided. It looks like the group Clementine is with may not be all they seem. They’re being followed by a guy called Carver who wants something from the people he claims used to be part of his group, with the hint pointing towards the baby. But that could just be a red herring and Carver might want something else.


While the trailer doesn’t give away the release date we do know that A House Divided will be releasing on March 4th, so you can watch the end of Clementine bringing the hammer down on the zombies. That is if you decide to go down that path during your playthrough.

Source: PR/Youtube



  1. Can’t wait for episode 2 ….roll on 4th march

  2. Love it. Bring on the whole season, please! :-)

  3. Woohoo, at last! :-)

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