Forma.8 Is Being Launched By MixedBag Onto PS4, Vita & Wii U

MixedBag games studio has announced its second title within a week coming to the Vita in the shape of forma.8 and this one, unlike Futuridium, is also coming to the PS4. However it does share a space theme though in form.8 you’re less spacefighter and more exploration probe, one which is separated from the other probes that are scanning an alien planet for an energy source. Style wise forma.8 is a Metroidvania type of affair which allows you to explore the alien world freely.


The game will be physics based, while the probe starts off as an unarmed, defenceless thing that finds power ups to help strengthen it. The trailer shows a bit of the combat as the probe fends off enemies while navigating through some caverns. MixedBag have been working on the game for two years and the team have stated the game will be 60fps and 1080p. I quite like the look of forma.8 and I’m interested in seeing more of it when it releases later this year on PS4, Vita, Wii U, PC and iOS devices

Source: PS Blog



  1. Another one not for Xbone?

    • One of my xbone owning friend claims there is some sort of Sony document stating all titles have to be 1080p at expense of frame rate.

      This is his pro argument.

      I said Titanfall looks excellent but otherwise shut the bleep up.

  2. Reminds me very much of Pixeljunk Shooter. Which is a very good thing in my opinion!

  3. Anyone played Badland on Android/iOS? Looks very similar!

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