PlayStation Vita Abandons Support For Social App foursquare

In an email just released by Sony, it has been announced that support for the popular social discovery app foursquare will be removed from the PlayStation Vita in a months time.

The official announcement reads as follows:


We’ve got some important news to share about foursquare on PlayStation®Vita.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will no longer support the foursquare app for PS Vita from 1 April 2014, and it has been removed from PlayStation®Store from 12 February 2014.

You’ll still be able to use your foursquare account on other mobile devices or the foursquare website, where your account information will be stored.

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the other social networking apps available for PS Vita.

Exact reasoning for the removal is unknown, but given the application has a reliance on “checking in” – and this in turn requiring a constant data connection – I’d suspect it’s not something a wide range of people used out-and-about anyway. Support for other social apps, such as Facebook and Twitter is unaffected. I’m so glad I paid the ridiculous premium for my 3G Vita at launch.



  1. I can’t believe anyone with a Vita doesn’t have a mobile capable of running Foursquare anyway.

  2. “Popular social discovery app Foursquare?” If you say so.

    The 3G Vita wasn’t at a ridiculous premium either- it was €50 extra, and we got Wipeout 2048 with it (or at least I did), which was probably the best game at launch.

    • 45 million users, 5 billion check-ins, I’d says that’s fairly popular. £60 for Wipeout, as good as it is, is still a ridiculous premium. The 3G really hasn’t been worth tuppence.

  3. Haven’t MS announced a partnership deal with FourSquare with the possibility they may buy them outright? Related?

  4. What the hell is foursquare?

    • TS like Facebook but it’s about food reviews and things like that if if remember right. I downloaded it and used it once then deleted it as I thought it was rubbish.

    • You can check-in to places. Your foursquare friends can see your check-ins and also pics & reviews. You can also post your Check-in to Twitter & Facebook. It was around well before Facebook check-ins and Facebook actually copied the idea wholesale from foursquare.

      • Ahh i see, cheers guys. I think ive probably noticed in on vita before. Im currently off Facebook so i deffo wouldn’t be getting inti that anyway, no loss for me but in all honestly i really doubt much social media apps are used frequently on vita

  5. Isn’t it efficient for checking out hotels, restaurants etc in the location you are present? I was thinking about trying it out when I go to Berlin in the easter but by then it’s too late.

  6. I guess now with the new Vita is only the wifi version. So you couldn,t really check in with foursquare anyway?

  7. Lot of hotspots in a big city, I think.

    • But no Gps on wifi vita. Not sure how good location services are with just wifi. Its never been that good on any phone that I’ve had

  8. Not a single person saying ‘Oh no, I used it..!’..? Better clean out the online shop then to have room for more relevant stuff… ;o)

    However, the Vita would actually need a location aware app, like Near, just working better. When was that one improved on last time..?

    • Put it this way, it hasn’t been on the store for three weeks and nobody noticed.

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