Sony And Amazon List Watch Dogs For June

After suffering a delay shortly before its November release, Watch Dogs was pushed back to at some point this year. We haven’t had a confirmation yet, but a fiscal period of April-June was suggested.

Now, Sony have listed the game for the very end of that period on their online store. That’s either the first signs of a confirmed release date or just another placeholder, with the latter seeming more likely as that would be a Monday – games usually release on Tuesday in the US, Wednesday in Europe and Friday in the UK.


We’ve been expecting a new trailer and release date after this image was spotted on an official PlayStation site, though it appears someone just clicked a button too early there.

Whatever the case, Amazon are also listing the game for a release on June 30th, and it seems as though a release date announcement will be imminent.

Watch Dogs will release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, though the Wii U version has been delayed further and will not release at the same time.

Source: PixelGamer, via VG247


  1. Can’t wait to play this ……………..Waiting for far too long

  2. Fingers crossed the PC release isn’t a month after like it has been with most Ubisoft games in the past. Regardless, I’ll be grabbing it off Steam the minute it’s released!

  3. I lost all my excitement for this game. I don’t know why I was surprised about the PS4 launch games as every launch of Sony’s new gen consoles has been shit.

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