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Sony And Amazon List Watch Dogs For June

After suffering a delay shortly before its November release, Watch Dogs was pushed back to at some point this year. We haven’t had a confirmation yet, but a fiscal period of April-June was suggested.

Now, Sony have listed the game for the very end of that period on their online store. That’s either the first signs of a confirmed release date or just another placeholder, with the latter seeming more likely as that would be a Monday – games usually release on Tuesday in the US, Wednesday in Europe and Friday in the UK.


We’ve been expecting a new trailer and release date after this image was spotted on an official PlayStation site, though it appears someone just clicked a button too early there.

Whatever the case, Amazon are also listing the game for a release on June 30th, and it seems as though a release date announcement will be imminent.

Watch Dogs will release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, though the Wii U version has been delayed further and will not release at the same time.

Source: PixelGamer, via VG247


  1. I hope so. I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. I really hope it is delayed, since I’ve still got SO many games to finish first, and PS+ keeps throwing goodness my way!!

  3. Wii U version delayed until NEVAH.

    • Was there really any need for that? seriously?

      • Every need. There isn’t enough humour on teh interwebz anymore.

      • If I was being serious I would have posted “I do not think the Wii U version will ever be released, the sales of games on the console are just far too low these days.”

        Hope that helps.

      • Are you serious, chill out mate.

      • Are you serious, chill out mate. It was a joke pal, not worth getting all tetchy about it.

      • Im not being tetchy, if I was being tetchy I would have said “Fuck off you tiresome git”.

        Hope that helps as well.


      • I think he was replying to EditorGed, TC.

        And I thought it was obvious you were joking, made me chuckle again.

      • Is that the kind of language site staff should be using?

      • Tits.

      • Arsehole.

  4. So did the rumours of this being another Assassins Creed game come to nothing?

  5. You misunderstand, I meant was there any need to say it… we were all thinking the same thing :) Hope that helps :)

    • If we all thought like that, the world would be a very quiet place.

  6. Laaaaaaame!

  7. I couldny be any less interested in this game anymore. All the recent trailers just seem boring and uninspired.

  8. Cancelled my pre-order for this last week. Was looking forward to it as a release day game last year. When it got delayed I was a bit disappointed but waiting for more info just bored me. I’ll wait a while after its release before buying…if it’s any good.

  9. If this is true, it looks like my “Month off new games to catch up with backlog” slot just got filled.

  10. The game looks pretty but unless they release a new trailer with more action I’m not interested anymore.
    I’d rather just take a walk to the park and watch dogs, or just wait ’til Saturday night and wander down to my local.

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