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Watch Dogs Release Date Disclosed, New Trailer Shown

Excited for Watch Dogs yet? I am. The only thing I’m disappointed with is having to wait until May 27th for it. That’s the date Ubisoft has pinned on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 worldwide release. The press release says the Wii U version will be coming at a later date.

The trailer above celebrates the announcement but it also serves to whet the appetite of anyone who might be holding off on their PlayStation 4 purchase – there’s a PS4 bundle coming on May 27th too, and a PS3 bundle in case anyone is really delaying their console upgrades…

Ubisoft is further supporting Sony’s brand by offering an extra 60 minutes of gameplay for the game via PSN on PlayStation platforms.

Source: press release.


  1. That’s an excellent trailer. I’ve been saying it all along – that Watchdog had promise but lacked that coherent feeling that gelled everything together. No longer. The trailer really ramps up the desire to play it.

    • I agree. Is this the first time we heard about the story? I actually makes me care for the protagonist and his cause.
      I might just pre order this now.

  2. Still, better than the end of June.. I am definitely looking forward to this, although my excitement was tempered by rumours of it being associated with the Assassins Creed series. Apparently, that’s not the case though, which is good because that was putting me off.

    • Yeah, I bet most folk thought June when the three month window was posted.
      It’s looking good.

  3. Am I a little spoilt by next-gen already or does this above trailer not look as shiny as previous trailers?
    Anyone up for a spot of conspiracy?… Have Ubisoft toned down the shiny so that it runs well on the xboxone?

    • You better get a mod to edit that comment before Starman reads it and his head explodes! lol

    • I dare say, I said exactly this when I first saw it. It doesn’t look close to any other videos I’ve seen from last year. I really hope it isn’t toned down, and perhaps this is just the xbox version.

  4. Er, ok. Graphically in places (particularly day time) that looked pretty naff, need to get a HD copy on my TV for a closer look tho.

    I also thought the game was going to be more stealthy/sneaky and less shooty but that video suggests OTT GTA-esque levels of violence?! Maybe it was delayed because without that they couldn’t see it appealing to too many people?

  5. It does look just OK and the story sounds very interesting but I am going to control my hype (=not pre-ordering) until we know more. (ACIII hypo and overrated previews and reviews are casting a long shadow on Ubisoft for me.)

    • ACIII did receive a lot of hype and got good reviews and was rubbish. Then AC4 came out on new green and was very good. Here’s hoping this is good.

  6. Well that’s reignited my interest in this. Looking forward to May now!

  7. The graphics don’t look as good as the other videos from last year? Why is that?

  8. Wow. I was interested before. Now I want.

  9. Graphics definitely look worse in this trailer than any video that has gone before. Surely they want it to look its best?

  10. That trailer has actually made me less excited about the game than before. The graphics look at best on par with GTA V on the PS3. Some of the animations looked awful. A story of revenge featuring a female hacker with a skin head – how fresh… The city itself looked incredibly blocky.

    I think it’s very telling that they neglected to show any of the dynamic weather as well which they made a big play on.

    I also agree with Hornet above. It looked like another GTA-em-up.

    Everything about that trailer to me smacked of a project that overextended it’s reach and has had to cut back on a lot of the stuff that got people excited in the first place. They still need to make it profitable though, so make it look like GTA and it’ll be flying off the shelves in no time.

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