Uncover More Of Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows 2 Revelations DLC

Konami has released details about the Revelations single player DLC for Castlevania: Lord Of Shadows 2, which will focus on the story of Alucard and takes place before the events of the main game. Alucard is Gabriel’s son and he is preparing for his father to return to the world, while also getting ready to face Satan in a battle. The DLC itself is releasing on March 25th but only an Xbox Live and PSN release has been confirmed, while a PC version of Revelations is not mentioned anywhere in the press release.

Alucard will have his own set of powers which go by the name of  Glaciem and Igneas, as well as the ability of being able to turn into a wolf or bats. He can even manipulate time. Castlevania: Lord Of Shadows 2 has received a bit of a mixed reception from reviewers, and there’s apparently been some disagreements behind the scenes too. Anyway, there’s some screenshots below for Revelations.

Source: Konami PR