News Snatch: The Crew, Mario Kart 8 And PS Now Pricing Images

Not much going on today, news is pretty quiet due to a game with robots that do not turn in to trucks being released on Xbox One and PC. What we do have is the winner of today’s Most Ridiculous Trailer Title Award, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster NA Launch Trailer: The Summoner’s Journey.


Ubisoft’s The Crew is going test your endurance.

“We have one race, which is just for those maniacs, it’s not on the main path or anything. It goes around the circumference of the country and it’s a four hour race,” explained Creative Director Julian Gerighty.

The now defunct Irrational Games highlight their proudest moments from the Burial at Sea DLC for Bioshock Infinite.

A launch trailer for Towerfall Ascension, available on the US PS Store today.

Sony have announced a new format, the Archival Disc, which can hold 1TB of data. This appears to be news, despite this kind of thing being around since 2009.

What does the new format mean for Blu-ray and gaming? Bugger all, that’s what. Blu-ray hasn’t quite taken hold and DVD sales are still strong. More importantly, our internet speeds are increasing so the world will have gone fully digital before consoles needed a 1TB disc.

Grand Theft Auto IV has been modded to look like real life, and is kinda stunning.

Lollipop Chainsaw has sold 1 million copies, quite impressive for such a weird title.

Get your eggcellent egg puns ready, Yoshi’s New Island is about to hatch.

Uncanyy New Feature: Games Writers Who Look Like Famous Lesbians. This week, Vaughn Highfield and Sue Perkins.

A very odd trailer for Million Onion Hotel for mobile devices.

Gaiki (a.k.a. PS Now) updated their website with some new images that seem to indicate some PS3 games will cost $5.99 and others $49.99, causing undue internet frenzy because it is quite obviously a placeholder image.

Microsoft are to review games “on a case by case basis” if they have been released on other platforms, a change to their insistence that games release on all platforms at the same time. This means some PSN exclusive games may eventually end up on Xbox.

And Finally, an “Honest” trailer for Mario Kart 8.



  1. That GTA 4 mod is rather impressive.

  2. Am I the only one getting 502 error codes?

    • For what?

    • you weren’t alone. all the videos were saying the same error at one point. think youtube was having problems

  3. I’ve been impressed with The Crew since I first saw it at E3 last year. A four hour race around the country sounds like fun!

    • Small fry, it’s not even an endurance race :P

      There was a longish challenge race around a recent NFS (Hot Pursuit I think) world, but that was only around an hour. It’d take dedication and guts for anyone to host a meet and then start this particular four hour shindig!!

  4. This made me think of something, what the heck will happen to Burial At Sea Episode 2, with the Irrational closure?

    • It will release. They finished it first, it’s out in a couple of weeks.

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