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Watch Dogs Takes 40 Hours To Complete, Additional Content Added During The Delay

Watch Dogs should take the average gamer who “does free roam a bit” around 35-40 hours to complete, according to Creative Director, Jonathan Morin.

He also estimates that to fully complete the game it will take in the region of 100 hours. That seems excessive to me, in fact I’m getting very tired of games that try and extended the length of the story for no reason other than longer means better.

It has also been revealed that Ubisoft have included “a bit” of additional content while the game has been delayed.

“The entire development team has been working hard to polish and fine tune Watch Dogs in order to deliver a truly memorable open world game. In parallel, the extra time also allowed the team to include a bit of additional content,” explained Ubisoft.

The new scenes include human trafficking, Kotaku got hold of the report from the Australian Classification Board who amended the rating of the game from MA15+ to R18+. It details a scene where a character feels a 19yr old Romanian woman’s breasts and spreads her legs before it is implied that she is sexually abused off-camera.

Source: Kotaku / Twitter


  1. It will probably take me twice that long as I like to take my time. Don’t see the point of spending up to £50 just to rush through it, I like to get my money’s worth.

    • Totally agree! And it’s not as if there’ll be much else to be playing around that time. Gonna pre-order this from Zavvi I think. 10% off for pre-orders at the moment.

      • And Tesco have £10 off your first £50 spend online with this code – TDX-PR4N so worth while I say

      • Ah! Nice one squire! :-)

  2. While I agree that a longer game does not automatically make a better one, I like a gaming experience, especially an open world one, that doesn’t end in 10 to 15 hours. Like Camdaz, I like to take my time too so I expect (or at least hope) Watchdogs to be a game I’m still enjoying months after it releases.

  3. Please don’t be collectibles as they just bore me.

    • Exactly this, i hate spending hours finding pointless collectables. Last time i did this was for the platinum on mafia and i vowed never to do it again.

      I have been hearing rumblings that the game has been toned down graphically a lot since E3, hope this is not true.

      • Yeah the NeoGaf forums are up in arms about the graphical tone down.

        On another note those Mafia II wanted posters where a pain in the ***!

  4. How long was Assassins Creed game length? as I put in sooo many hours into these….

    • The site I linked to (down below) had Black Flag clocked in at 50 or so hours for completionist. However, there’s no category for “tooling around on the open seas” as I assume that would be in triple figures. God knows that’s me right there.

      • I did everything possible in single player and that took me well above 50 hours. I don’t mind collectibles when they add some story or costumes etc. which games seem to be getting better at these days.

  5. Find these times pretty difficult to interpret, as I also tend to take my time instead of rushing through a game. The latter I only do if I get bored with a game.

    • It’s a bit slow to load (at the moment) but found this site very good. It’s all about how long it takes to beat a game (plus DLC, speed runs, completionist times), etc. Hit Browse or scroll down to dive in. I’m always in between the “average” to “completionist” times.

      • Ok, thanks, I’ll check it out. Am convinced I’m quite a slow gamer, escaping also the daily pressure for efficiency. E.g. it took me ages to dare to pass the guy in the wheelchair, first level of Outlast… :o)

      • That’s a great site. Been using it for a while – I quite like browsing the older games for nostalgia, wondering how many hours I must’ve thrown away back then :-)

      • Is actually really good..! Have to check some of the times I’ve spent with games for comparison. Not sure, though, if I really want to know… ;o)

  6. “off-camera”??

    *Cancels pre-order* :-( Seriously, though. Ignoring my off-colour humour, lovely to see mature themes being explored in games properly and hopefully with the sensitivity they deserve. Watch Dogs hasn’t really grabbed me until the recent trailer where it showed plenty of “oh… so this is what the game is actually about” moments. Now very interested.

    • Havent seen the new trailer, the other half decided to throw away my stereo as ” we dont use it” so means no sound for computer now :(

      Was my first pre order and must have this game NOW

      • Cancel the pre-order and get a new “other half!” pronto. ;-)

      • I dont think I can get another one now, wedding is in a few months lol tbh stereo was only used to listen to music on PC, which I havent done for years as it streamed to PS3 lol

  7. Weirdly, I was hoping for something shorter, maybe more inline with the AC games which tend to take 15-20hrs to complete, my attention span is so bad I hate long games as I know I’ll never get around to finishing them.

  8. Its going to make an interesting game when it coms out. So you only have to do 40% of the game to complete it?

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