What We Played #148: Borderlands 2, Titanfall & FFX HD

Rather than bore you again with tales of how much fun I’m having playing Warframe with the odd bit of PS3-powered Borderlands 2 thrown in for good measure, I thought I’d expend a few sentences on what is, to me, a pleasantly surprising aspect of playing Digital Extremes’ F2P title.

Unusually for an online game my experiences of playing with ‘randoms’ have been on the whole quite positive. There have been some exceptions to the rule but I think that as it is primarily a cooperative game that there’s less incentive or purpose in griefing.

As a result of playing with randoms a lot more than usual I’ve encountered a number of clever and/or funny PSN IDs and here’s a shout out to a few of my favourites:

  • Hyph-n, very clever and disappointed I’ve never thought of it.
  • xo-MCMLXXVIII-ox, a great twist on sticking your birth year somewhere in you PSN ID.
  • DeusEggs, just for the giggles.

Warframe - Frost Prime

Aran has been spending this week playing his own special first person combat game that also included aspects of the kind of resource management you might expect to find in a turn-based strategy title:

This week I played The Stomach Bug War. Basically it involves ingesting something dodgy and then letting a virus (or bacteria) turning your stomach into a warzone, complete with pain. Monday and Tuesday I was confined to my bed, the Bug clearly winning and taking great glee in it. Then on Wednesday I began my fight back and managed to send in food reserves and medicines to my white blood cells on the front. Today it appears the Cells have gained the upper hand and are launching a counter offensive. This war will be decided by the end of the week.

I’ve also been playing FFX HD for a combo feature with TC and it’s either live by the time this is published or it will be soon after. It’s such a great game to experience again.

Rather than vomit-inducing bugs, Stefan turned to some of our community, Youles, McProley and Wick, for his first person combat experience and to have another attempt at Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ Extinction map. “When it decides to throw ridiculous near unbeatable numbers of enemies at you, it gets ridiculous. Then the server went awry and booted us out.” He reckons that they might try it again.

Blair says that inFamous Second Son has become his most played game so far this year as he’s recently been struggling to find much time. He’s played right through both the good and evil routes for his review and concludes that ” it’s an amazing game, the visuals are incredible”. He also found a little bit of time for SteamWorld Dig and Surgeon Simulator.

And last up this time is Jim:

This week has been devoted almost exclusively to Titanfall. As I mentioned in Wednesday’s column, I wasn’t that excited when the game first appeared. However, with little else to play and an urgent need to put uni work out of mind, I snatched it up for 30 bob on PC.

After playing a few rounds, I knew I was going to love the game. The balancing is spot on and Titanfall doesn’t fall victim to the sometimes-confusing array of customisation options available in other multiplayer shooters. Playing the same clutch of modes and maps is starting to lose its novelty but I’m far from done yet.

The only other game I’ve spent time with this week is the rather unique Deception IV: Blood Ties for Vita. It’s a truly bizarre third person action game in which traps are your main weapon. Roam your very own customisable castle as heroes chase you, placing all sorts of deadly contraptions for them to bump into. Though often hilarious on their own, building a sequence of multiple traps creates some insanely rewarding bonuses, not to mention a good spectacle.

Have you played anything this week that’s stood out for one reason or another, or perhaps you’ve bumped into a gamer online with a particularly clever or funny gamer tag or PSN ID?


  1. Almost #150 Greg!

    And Teflon, what do you mean “might”? I thought we were having another crack at it Sunday? :P Can’t believe the servers booted us! :(

    I’m basically been addicted to CoD Extinction. I can’t stand being beaten by it, so hope to eventually get the DLC trophies. McProley, Lyts and I also tried (and failed) to get AddictedAndy his final Point of Contact trophies, but we’ll do it at some point! Nice to have played with another TSAer for the first time.

    Also had the MW3 meet last night with Blast, BlackRedYellow and McProley, which was rather enjoyable other than the odd hacking t**t!

    Other than that I’ve done a very small amount of Lego Marvel on PS4, and played a fair bit of Threes! on iPhone.

    MGS:GZ and FFX/X-2 arrived this week but haven’t touched them. Might play some Fifa 14 FUT ready for the TSA competition and do episode 2 of The Walking Dead season 2 this weekend.

    • Must admit me and one of my friends have been trying out Extinction and although we’re a bit crap and are ever so slowly figuring it out we still have a great time. Got past the first barrier into the town last night for the first time last night and it was like a mega achievement!!

      Otherwise just been playing normal Ghosts MP, and briefly started the SP campaign. All that ends tonight though with Second Son beckoning!

      • Ignore one of the “double post” last nights, either’s fine, take your pick :)

      • Yeah, we have a great time even if we fail – it’s just rather sociable (especially with 4 friends) and a good laugh. The DLC (Nightfall) is SO much harder than Point of Contact if you fancy a challenge!

        Extinction is actually pretty balanced too and helps if different people use different loadouts and have their “role”. Feel free it add me on PSN if you fancy a game sometime (ID is the same as TSA).

    • Enjoyed the meet last night, even tho I was shite. 1st time playing Infected mode, didn’t have a clue what I was doing, finished 1st game with mightily impressive 0 kills – 14 deaths. “Lamb to the slaughter” comes to mind…

    • Really enjoyed that game! Must do it again soon. Still can’t believe the drill went after doing all those challenges. Pesky platinum continues to evade me. Escaped nightfall last night. Once you do that final hive the breeder is easy. Let me know when works for you

      • Seconded, enjoyed the games of Extinction guys :-) real shame about missing out on the challenges trophy at the last hurdle though. Really appreciate your help with the scavenging trophy too :-) Will have to try again soon!

  2. Been loving the hilarious South Park Stick Of Truth but utterly failed at trying to get it finished before FFX and Infamous arrived today – terrible problems! I’ve also been playing Tearaway before bed each night and it’s cracking, love the music and the innovative controls.

  3. Pretty much the same as the last few weeks.
    Finished my Hell playthrough of Diablo III with my wizard, who has also now hit level 60.
    More EDF 2025. More Smart As on Vita.
    I also bought a pile of Vita stuff from the Indie sale … Dive Kick, Angry Birds Trilogy, Quell Momento, Jacob Jones and Men’s Room Mayhem. I also bought Luftrausers.

    • Just bought the Angry Birds trilogy Vita in the sale also, very nicely priced at three and a half quid! Think I’ll likely buy Steamworld Dig as well, it’s looking quite appropriate!

      • Indeed, much more appropriate than the frankly ridiculous 24 quid it was originally.
        Steamworld Dig is a great game, I have it on 3DS … I’ve not decided yet whether I’ll buy it again for PS4/Vita.

      • Wow I haven’t been paying attention, 24 quid really?. It looks a great game but not in the 20-25 quid bracket like a few recently released titles from established popular series…R&C, MGS etc. Just as well they came to their senses ;)

  4. DIY and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for me. DIY isn’t a game, unfortunately, although… DIY Simulator, it’d probably be a hit. So yes, Star Wars! I realised I hadn’t played it in yeeears, since before the trophy patch in fact, given that I’ve lent my backlog to someone at work to rinse through I thought it’d be rude not to :)

  5. Titanfall for me this week. Wasn’t sold on it at first but it is a truly excellent multiplayer game and very balanced.
    Also mopped up a few more trophies on Resogun. Just psyching myself up now for those multiplier trophies.
    Was hoping to pick up Ground Zeroes this weekend but a podcast I listened to last night spoiled the ending so I might not bother now and put the money towards PvZ Garden Warfare instead.

  6. Dead Nation, Tomb Raider and a small bit of Minecraft. Also played a bit of SteamWorld Dig, the platforming is not the most pleasant.

    • Also played around four hours of Infamous SS last night and loving it so far.

  7. Rayman on PS4. Got to the point now where it’s getting hard. Really hard. Luckily Infamous should arrive tomorrow, so my controller may live to play another day!

  8. I have been playing Dark souls II and I will be playing it for a while yet. About 30 hours in the first play-through. I am hating it: I don’t know the best ways of killing the bosses, I don’t know the short cuts, I don’t know what weapon to improve… But I feel so fulfilled every time I get another boss. Can’t wait for the weekend.

    • Try waiting for a summon sign to appear before the bosses is my strategy. So much easier with other players. Not that’s its actually easy of course.

  9. Will there be a review of Deception 4? I see its out next week and it looks pretty different to anything else I’m playing at the moment.

  10. Not had much time for gaming this week due to work, only managed a couple of hours of MW3 last night with Mcproley, Youles & Blackredyellow, plus started another one of my backlog games – Bioshock. Great game so far, don’t know why I didn’t play sooner.

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