Goat Simulator Teaser Is Harrowing (In Reverse)

Remember Goat Simulator? No? That’s okay. From Swedish developers Coffee Stain Studios, those same crazy coots who gave us Sanctum, Goat Simulator is exactly what it sounds like: a simulator, with a goat, that has a very loose hold on reality.

What follows is a wonderfully executed trailer, which somehow reflects a little of how the final game will play. We doff our virtual hats at the accomplished creators of this fine piece of media.


You’ll want to watch this a couple of times before ultimately hitting the bottle pretty hard afterwards, we reckon. At least, that’s what I did. Right this second I can barely see the keyboard from the tears, not to mention the alcohol now racing through my fiery veins. Seriously, don’t watch this if you’re easily freaked out by goats hurtling through the air.

Actually, is anyone else getting a sense of déjà vu?



  1. Watching these reminds me of the sense of joy when first realising the possibilities in GTA3, or similarly when first playing around with the insanity of the grapple in Just Cause 2…… only this time there’s goats.

  2. Brilliant parody!

  3. Fab.

  4. How coulde I ever forget this game? It looks incredibly hilarious.

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