Joe Danger Vita Will Include Sackboy & The Tearaway Duo, Won’t Be Cross-Buy

Hello Games have taken to the PlayStation Blog to talk about Joe Danger for Vita, which will see both games being brought to the system. Apparently Hello Games are almost finished though there isn’t yet a release date for the pair of games launching on the handheld. However, what we do know is that after speaking to Media Molecule an agreement has been reached to have Aota, Iota, & Sackboy as playable characters in Joe Danger 2: The Movie on Vita.

The Joe Danger games will run at 60FPS on the Vita and feature a total of over 160 levels including the original DLC for the other releases. With the announcement of the three new characters for the Vita release the total number of characters is pushed to over 60. Both titles will download ghost racers across all stages, online leaderboards, and trophies. Touch controls have been implemented to navigate menus while circle and triangle will be the trick buttons.


If you’re hoping the Vita versions of Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 will be cross buy with the PS3 version then you’ll be disappointed. Answering a fan query in the comments of the blog Hello stated, “Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 on Vita aren’t Cross-Buy. They’re actually a little different to the original JD1 and JD2 on PS3, with more levels and characters (like Sackboy, Atoi and Iota), plus a few other bits and pieces to enjoy.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Not sure if worth it since I’ve got both games on PS3. But it should translate well to a handheld. I just wish they’d merged both games into one.

  2. I have the first game on PS3… Perhaps of the price is right I will get 2 on Vita. How much £9.99 each?

  3. Don’t think I need this as I’ve already got both on PS3.

  4. I would really like this for vita, but I don’t think I’d splash out as I have the first two ps3. I think I`ll splash the cash on something new.

  5. As others have said I already have the first two on PS3 so I probably won’t bother with these.

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