Xbox One Gets Direct YouTube Uploads Tomorrow

Although Microsoft seem far more eager to talk about a GoPro viewer coming to Xbox 360, the latest post on the Xbox Wire also shares a few rather exciting details about the future of sharing videos on Xbox Live, and the key word is YouTube.

Until now, getting your console videos onto YouTube meant either uploading to SkyDrive or Facebook and then re-downloading, or using an external capture device to capture the footage. All told it was quite a laborious process just to show your stuff on the biggest video sharing website.



But Microsoft are changing that by adding an option within the YouTube app to upload straight to the service, after editing with Upload Studio. They’re also adding achievements, snap mode and the ability to pin individual videos.

Sony announced that they’d allow you to copy recorded videos to an external storage device with the 1.70 PS4 update, which is coming soon, but they really need to deliver on their pre-release announcements and match Microsoft with YouTube support of their own to make that share button worthy of its place on the controller.

Source: Xbox Wire



  1. Nice. More features are always welcome

  2. Lovely news. Hopefully this will spur Sony onto sorting out fully integrated upload to YouTube as it seems utterly insane that it’s not built in when you think how connected the PS4 is with the likes of Twitch.

    • It’s been on the feature list since day one, almost, but as with a lot of things was cut for launch…

      1.70 looks to be a big step in the right direction, but if Sony aren’t careful, Microsoft will have fixed up their OS and run off into the distance…

      • If Microsoft fix their OS to a reasonable level, that makes sense. However, if Sony let them surpass the PS4’s functionality it’ll make Sony look genuinely bad… as well as slow to respond.

        I suppose, if you think about it, both companies will end up at a relatively similar end where most (if not all) the things we wish for are supported. It’s just how soon we get there that really shows which company is reacting properly to the consumer base.

  3. Good stuff, the XB1 is padding out it’s feature set nicely now and i’m looking forward to seeing what we get in the PS4 1.70 firmware.

  4. Yep Sony need to step it up with these updates. They might be destroying MS for now but if they want to stay way ahead, they need to keep on it. Don’t get too comfortable with all this success you’ve been having Sony. We want updates.

  5. Good move.
    God a PS4 a week or so ago and there’s a lot missing from the menus. YouTube uploads being one of them. Hell, I can’t even figure out how to delete captured videos!
    Hopefully this will encourage Sony to bring it to their platform a little quicker to stay along side the competition.

  6. Good news for the Nextbox owners, hopefully Sony brings in YouTube uploads sooner rather than later.

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