Out This Week: Kinect Sports Rivals, LEGO The Hobbit & Titanfall

There are lots of variety in the games releasing this week, including episodic titles, LEGO homages, space shooters, sports management and sports playing. Let’s get on with it, then.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut | Tuesday | PS4, Xbox One

Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game, with a focus on making the battle feel like a full war rather than being focused on the player, with AI – enemy and allies alike – fighting each other rather than prioritising the player.


It sounds quite interesting, and the transforming ships – the Strike Suits – add yet another element to proceedings.

The Wolf Among Us, Episode 3: The Crooked Mile | Wednesday | PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS

Telltale’s episodic The Wolf Among Us continues this week, with the third episode arriving on PC tomorrow but coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 on Wednesday in Europe. It’ll also be on iOS at some point this week.

The game follows twisted fairytale characters through the noir cityscape of Fabletown, where Bigby Wolf – the sheriff and big bad wolf in human form – must try to solve the serial killings happening on his watch. It’s been a great ride so far, and if you enjoy Telltale’s take on The Walking Dead then you shouldn’t miss this.

Football Manager Classic | Friday | PS Vita

Football Manager looks like something that I wouldn’t enjoy. While I like playing FIFA, I don’t really get on with the whole management side of things, though I can understand why people might like it.

This release brings a stripped-down version of the game – with the full classic mode intact – to a handheld console, making a bigger impact than the mobile versions.

It should be good, then, and a nice exclusive of sorts for the handheld to grab.

Kinect Sports Rivals | Friday | Xbox One

This is at the total other end of the spectrum from the management side of sports, as you’ll actually engage in the physical side with the use of Kinect.

It’s one of the first games of its ilk this generation, so it will be quite interesting to see how it does – the PS4 might currently be ahead, but stuff like this is what made the Wii so popular. Then again, that was a very different time in the gaming industry.

Thankfully, Rare have a few tricks up their sleeves, with more of a focus on story than what you’d usually expect from a game such as this. The dialogue might not be the best thing ever, but the prospect of building your own character – and facing rival teams – just might be.

LEGO The Hobbit | Friday | PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, PC, 3DS, Wii U

Ah, familiar ground. As a huge fan of the Tolkein lore and Jackson films, and in the camp of being exactly like everyone else when it comes to LEGO (read: loving it unconditionally, unless stepped on), this is quite exciting.

I’ve fallen out of love with the LEGO games recently, due to them either taking their own liberties with the story, such as in DC and Marvel Superheroes, or being based upon The LEGO Movie rather than something more interesting, but the last one I really loved was Lord of the Rings.

So, they might just be onto a winner with LEGO The Hobbit. The film’s just released on DVD and Blu-ray too, so it’s perfect timing to tide me over as I avoid the movie itsellf and wait until later in the year for the extended edition.

Titanfall | Friday | Xbox 360

That wasn’t a silly typo in the title, Titanfall is really releasing this week. Again. About a month after the initial Xbox One and PC releases, they’ve finally got together a version for the Xbox 360.

We’re not quite sure how it holds up (thought it’s easy to imagine by turning down the settings on the PC version) but as long as it gets that all important solid frame rate and keeps the excitement of the multiplayer action, it should be good. It might even prompt a few people to upgrade to Xbox One, or at least buy a new GPU for their PC.



  1. Football manager Vita for me then.

  2. Always excited for a bit more The Wolf Among Us.

    Each Lego game looks more and more charming, but I don’t think I’d get the Hobbit as I’m finding Lego Marvel is dragging a bit – despite it being a very decent game. But replaying the story missions sucks as it gets very tedious changing between characters, and it’s basically just button bashy. The story isn’t exactly amazing (although I don’t expect it to be) and the humour isn’t funny the second time around.

  3. Football manager for me & the wolf among us even though I don’t really like that game but having got it season pass cheap on psn sale, I will put up with it

  4. That’s a shame that your not keen on Lego marvel. I found it quite fun. It is my first Lego game I bought. It’s really good in co-op even when co-op partners aren’t too good. I suppose each to their own.

    • I’ve enjoyed it for the most part – it’s my first Lego game too – but just replaying the story missions has seemed very laborious, even with my son “helping”…(he’s only 3 but loves it). I guess you don’t have to replay them, it’s probably my fault for trying for the platinum and I should stop if I’m not enjoying it. I’m going to try some of the NY HUB missions/mini-games tonight so I may get more enjoyment from those! :)

      • I got Lego Marvel so I could fool myself into thinking that I’d bought the PS4 for my 6yr son rather than myself. He loves it, especially now he’s discovered he can use his Vita as a second controller when his mates are around. I agree with Youles though about it be a bit laborious. Much prefered Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean myself – possibly cos I know the stories well. I’ll probably pick The Hobbit up when the price drops/second hand though.

      • I would consider buying The Hobbit but not for a while, I need a long break from a Lego game first. I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh – I’m probably not the target audience, therefore it’s no wonder I don’t find it the sort of game enjoyable to play through again. That said, playing the levels through for the first time was a lot of fun.

        There are some bad glitches though – some Lego not spawning which is required to beat one of the bosses, and a lot of my levels show 11/10 and even 12/10 Mini Kits collected – how can that get overlooked – did the testers not play Free Play mode after Story mode?!!

      • Lego Marvel was a decent slog I must admit but it was quite fun. I do admit the races and things like that were boring though.

  5. I think I’ll get Lego the hobbit and football manager. I’m going on holiday next week and FM might while away those wet Skegness days.
    Also I’m on for my fourth plat in 3 weeks tonight.

    • Sweet, what are you platting?

      • Lego looted of the rings vita. It’s been driving me nuts how bad that game is. Trophies are trophies I suppose.

      • Got it LotR I meant by the way.

  6. Didnt really fancy titanfall, hated the idea of just online and robots etc. but on a whim i ended up getting an xbox one and it came with. Turns out its brilliant, well worth it if the 360 version is just as good.

    Also The wolf among us is a brilliant game so far, if you like the tell tale games, it also introduced me to fables which is just as good.

    Lego The Hobbit is on my radar but i may pick it up at a later stage

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