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Watch Dogs Delay Is To Polish The Game, Not Add New Features

An interview with Ubisoft has revealed the six month delay for Watch Dogs has been to polish the game rather than add new features.

“We ended up going back to Chicago to record some more voices,” explained story designer Kevin Shortt. “It gave us a chance to add more meat to the world, to write more profiles for the civilians. It’ll make the world feel a lot more alive.”

“To be honest, we just polished the game, “added co-art director Mathieu Leduc. “We didn’t really add anything huge to the game. We just tweaked everything.”

It was also revealed that Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, pushed for the game to be revealed back in 2012, perhaps a little too early considering the delay.

“They forced us to go at E3 2012,” said Watch Dogs creative director, Jonathan Morin. “We didn’t know what the hell those new consoles would be, so Watch Dogs really has worked on [seventh]-gen systems since the start. But we always pushed the ideas, the design, the core of Watch Dogs in such a way that we felt it would fit well with what we thought would be the future of games. Yves was the one who wanted us to go at that E3, even though we felt it was a bit early, and in the end I think he was right.”

In a separate video interview (which has now been set to private), cinematics animation lead Lars Bonde may has said something he should have not.

“The first thing I want to make clear is that, at its core, it’s the same experience on current-gen and next-gen consoles. You get the same gameplay out of it,” he said. That sounds like there will be a “but…” to follow, doesn’t it?

“Of course there are nuances to it,” he continued. Aha, tell us more Lars.

“We are utilising Xbox One to its full capabilities and the same with PS4, of course, so I know that, as far as to my knowledge, on PS4 it will run in full HD.”

So 1080p on PS4 and “full capabilities” on Xbox One, whatever that means. Last month it was alleged that Ubisoft had revealed that the PS4 version would run at 1080p/30fps whilst the Xbox One will hit 960p/30fps.

I have made some handy badges for you to print out to display your opinion on this rumour.

Source: Edge / YouTube



  1. Badges? BADGES?
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    I will have one ‘smug’ badge today, please.

  2. I didn’t think the delay would be for new features, they’ll be holding them back for DLC if any.
    Like the badges!

  3. 960p? I wonder what the horizontal res is. Anything 1600x900p and up is gravy. At least as long as the AA doesn’t smudge it. I’d say 900p is a good minimum res this gen, much like many games have been sub-hd this last generation.

    • “I’d say 900p is a good minimum res this gen, much like many games have been sub-hd this last generation.” You sound easily please.

  4. Please please please say they also spent time optimising the PC version.

  5. Ooh-ooh – bagsy the indifferent one please! ;/

  6. Nice badges. Could you make me a ‘NOT IN THE LEAST BIT SURPRISED’ badge please?

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    • That could sound a little rude.

      • haha Be careful who you say that in front of, you might just get your wish.

  8. “…so I know that, as far as to my knowledge…”, ahh, the bumbling vague and “I’m not to blame if this unsubstantiated ‘fact’ I spout is incorrect” waffle I hear in every project review from our Project Managers.

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