Watch Us Play LEGO The Hobbit – Live From 3PM

And with that, Bilbo puts the One Ring on his finger and Blair’s stream disappears from view. We streamed for about an hour today and want to say thanks to those who tuned in to watch Blair and Wick puzzle their way through the Misty Mountains and run around a stone giant’s crotch.

Unfortunately, there’s no good way to preserve those streams on the PS4 at the moment, so those golden moments have been lost to the aether for all time. This is something that will be improved with firmware 1.7, but until that is released you’ll just have to try and tune in to our streams live if you can.

Speaking of which, if you’d like to watch us streaming games but weren’t able to do so today or in the past, let us know what time is best for you in the comments below.

You can barely move for LEGO games these days, and yet each one seems to have a level of charm and appeal that keeps people coming back to them, regardless of how old they are. This week it’s The Hobbit getting a bricking in the cunningly titled LEGO The Hobbit.

If you want a sneaky peak at what the game will bring to the table, Blair’s going to be playing the game and streaming live at 3PM BST today. In other words, he’s going to be playing in about 5 minutes! There might also be a guest appearance of Wick, to play it co-operatively.

So click play below, or head over to Twitch itself, to chat in the comments and watch some Scottish guys playing a game of bricks.

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