Watch Us Play Far Cry 4 Co-op

Thanks to those that tuned in live to savour the delights of our endless deaths (by everything from leopards to helicopter blades), tackling outposts and fortresses, and even accidentally stabbing a hostage we were trying to rescue… In other words, it was a complete and utter calamity, but don’t worry if you missed it, it’s on Twitch for the next fortnight and at the bottom of the page.

We’ve already streamed some Far Cry 4 last weekend, but we thought we’d make a return to the game now that we have multiple copies and can play the co-op aspects. Tef and I will be exploring the world of Kyrat, taking on enemy posts, and just generally having fun. I mean, look, we’ve already worked out how to ride shotgun on a hang glider:


So, come back at 3PM and, either using the embedded stream below or by clicking over to our Twitch channel, watch us explore some of the madness of the game’s expansive open world.

Watch live video from TheSixthAxis on Twitch



  1. Will give this a watch if the net holds out at work.
    Quick question, with Co-op, what can you do? Pretty much everything bar the standard missions? I’ve not managed to work it out yet.

    • I think it’s just outposts but if it’s more, that’d be wonderful. :-)

  2. Thanks for that, guys. The stream quality was very bad, though. Blocky as hell and also low(ish) resolution. Connection is fine here. Don’t know if anyone else can comment (as a viewer).

    • Unfortunately, I concur, the quality of the livestream was below average today, for some reason. Game looks amazing fun though – if anyone has a Key going spare at any point, let me know ;)

      • Hmm. We’ll try to look into that and see if there’s something we can do in future.

  3. I’m Glad Ubi didn’t mess this one up minus having to unplug every controller on my PC so it didn’t have to crash on start up. Or the crashes every hour and a half or so. Other then that it’s great! ^.^

    Plus it looks so purddie in 1440p on Max Settings

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