Here’s How To Upgrade Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn To The PS4 Version For Free

Square Enix has revealed the details on how players can upgrade their PS3 copies of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to the PS4 version for free, and you can do so from now up until the end of the year at least. Before you go through the upgrade process you must have logged into the PS3 version at least once so details are up to date. After the upgrade you will no longer be able to play the PS3 version of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

To begin the process log in to your Square Enix account at Mog Station, click on the banner advertising the PS3 to PS4 upgrade, read through the text presented to you about what will happen to your account once upgraded. Then you’ll be presented with the upgrade option, and you have to make sure you are using the account you want to upgrade because it can only be done once. After it’s all confirmed you’ll be given a promotional code to download the game from the PS Store for PS4. Your subscription will carry over.

Some people have been commenting on the blog post that you can pick up the PS3 version of FFXIV pretty cheap from various retailers, and then use the upgrade option, so that’s one way to do it.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Simply Games have it for £7.

    Also, if you have a PS3 version, do not forget to upload your character data using the bottom right button of the log in screen.

    Then, when its up and running on ps4, press the same button on the log-in screen to download your characters.

    When you start the game, pick the same data centre that houses your characters. You will need to watch the intro again, but then you will be able to select your character.

    I managed to amble my way through the upgrade yesterday. Switching from PS3 to PS4 is glorious in graphics and performance however, for some strange reason, the controls still take a bit of getting used to.

    One more thing, the Touch Pad button acts as Select. Press, don’t swipe.

    • amazon have the ps3 version a little cheaper

  2. last thing, i promise, when you redeem your code, you will get a ‘Code has already been used’ message if you have downloaded the client direct from the ps store or took part in any of the ps4 beta phases

    • so will that affect my ability to download the upgrade or not, i did the first beta phase and im gonna get the the game was thinking upgrading as it will be cheaper

      • It wont affect it but the code wont work. Just download the client from your download list, if you have deleted it that is, if its still installed, then its ready to go.

        You still have a ps3 right? as you need to create a service account linked to your ps3 version, log in at least once, then you can upgrade from there

  3. will be getting this later today however probably wont be playing straight away due to recently going from 120mb down 1.2mb internet

  4. So, if I buy a PS3 copy now, do I have to start the game up and make a character etc on the PS3? If so, once I’ve done this can I then upgrade and start a completely new game on the PS4?

    And final thing – are there monthly subs?


    • Don’t worry spotted the price per month and decided against it, despite how good people are saying the story is. Oh well. Back to FFX HD

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