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The Crew Does Have Microtransactions, Everything In Game Is “Dual Currency”

Last week it was revealed that PS4 racer Driveclub will not include micro transactions and that news pleased many of you. Going the totally opposite direction is Ubisoft with their next-gen racer, The Crew, in which “everything in the game has got this dual currency approach.”

That means you can either grind away to unlock in game items by completing challenges and missions to earn Crew Credits, or you can save yourself some bother and purchase them using real cash.

“We can confirm that performance parts can be unlocked through progression as well as micro transactions,” a Ubisoft representative told VideoGamer. “All content can be unlocked through progression, but for busy gamers who want to save some time, they will have the opportunity to buy some items in-game.”

Quite what is stopping someone buying all the upgrades within minutes of the game being released and then thrashing everyone online is rather unclear. The sensible thing to do would be to keep micro transactions for purely cosmetic items rather than anything that can enhance the performance of the car.

However, there does seem to be slightly mixed messages, the quote above says “some items” will be micro transactions, creative director Julian Gerighty has said “everything” is dual currency.

The Crew will launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this Autumn.

Source: Videogamer / Ubisoft


  1. I don’t particularly have an issue with corner cutting packs – They aren’t for me personally as I prefer to actually earn stuff rather than paying to unlock it, but I don’t have an issue with others wanting to do so.

    What I do have an issue with its when these things come out day one. By all means release stuff like this weeks/months/years down the line (which I think Burnout actually got right), but no-one should be able to buy an advantage when they first get the game. Kinda defeats the point.

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