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No Driveclub Microtransactions, So Where Does That Leave The PS+ Version?

Although many racing games, such as Gran Turismo 6 and Forza Motorsport 5, or even the likes of Ubisoft’s upcoming open world racer The Crew feature micropayments for cars and progress, Driveclub’s design director Paul Rustchynsky has spoken out against them.

“Even Trials has been infected by this plague” he said, in a tweet linking to CVG’s Trials Frontier review, which heavily criticises the game’s use of purchases, dubbing it “a microtransaction monstrosity”.

He was then asked by another user whether Driveclub would be free of such micropayments, to which he replied that it absolutely would.

That’s not the end of the story, though, is it? You might remember that Driveclub is getting a PlayStation Plus version, and one consensus may have been that the unavailable cars could be unlocked by using in-game credits, which presumably could be purchased with real money outwith the confines of the racing. At least, that would make sense.

But Rustchynsky confirms that there won’t be any consumables – meaning that you won’t be paying for money which you can use to buy further tracks or cars in-game – in yet another tweet, where he says the game “will of course offer content to purchase/download. But there will not be any ‘consumables’.”

That brings content to purchase back to the table, and perhaps means that Driveclub will feature purchasable cars and tracks, though these will perhaps be suitably priced, and more along the lines of traditional DLC, which I’m all for. A £5 pack seems like a much better deal than spending £5 on 1000 coins to find that a car costs 850.

But there’s still that PS+ version, and the most sensible option here may be to make it just a one-off upgrade – because, of course, it will be upgradeable to the full version – rather than buying bits here and there. If it is just some tracks and cars that are missing (you’ll still be able to get the platinum, so it seems likely) then I’m not sure how else they could do it.

Back before it was delayed, Evolution suggested that it would be an upgrade pack than individual cars and tracks too, but it will be interesting to see if they’ve decided to lock extra game modes within the PS+ edition – would the lack of an online mode unless you upgrade be more of an incentive to do so? Certainly, but isn’t that going against the mantra of PlayStation Plus?

Ultimately, it feels as though we know less about Driveclub now than we did before it was delayed, which is an odd situation to be in. With no public previews since last year, very little in the way of trailers or advertising, things like this go back to being less about “how will the upgrade work?” and may even soon become “will there still be an upgrade at all?”

I’m sure Sony are aware of this, but they’re not acting on it. We need Driveclub information, fast, or we’ll soon be losing hope. Just as we’ve done time and time again with The Last Guardian.


  1. Good, bring back the proper expansion packs of old rather than small-scale DLC and microtransactions.

    We do need Driveclub info, or a definitive exclamation that there will be no more information for X-amount of time. The lack of communication regarding it is the only foot Sony have put wrong over the last year or so. They should avoid talking about it altogether, over the mentions of “in the coming weeks” and very loose use of the term “soon”.

    • Much prefer proper DLC than loads of micro-transactions.
      Yes we need more info, and soon.

  2. I thought it was always a one off upgrade for the PS Plus edition of it. I just thought they were going to go in heavy on DLC. This is the first time I’ve even heard the word microtransactions be mentioned for this game.

  3. Had completely forgotten about this title. Shame seeing as it was many peoples reason to preorder a ps4. Hope it’s worth the wait – I haven’t gotten into a driving game in ages.

  4. Just abolish the ps+ version.

    • They can’t, at least they can’t without upsetting an awful lot of PS4 owners.

      • Yeah, im not a massive driving game fan but im kind of looking forward to this psplus version

  5. It will surely have them but less ‘micro’. Like 5 car packs or 5 track packs or pack packs.

    Interested to get some NEW INFO regardless, eh Evo.

  6. They really need to stop fannying around with little publicity spurts like this and talk the talk with solid release schedules. Next gen is basically racerless apart from NFS rivals which is a much more attractive investment for last gen.
    This game should be representing next gen racers now and the longer the delay the closer GT7 will get to take the reigns… bad thing :P
    Next gen for me so far has been in the ‘it’ll keep’ category especially without a solid racer so it’ll have to whistle for a while yet!

    • Not just GT7 but Project Cars too … assuming they can deliver on time to their Novemeber release schedule … I know that’s 7 months away but at this rate I highly doubt we’ll get Driveclub much sooner.

      • They may get longer, the Project Cars website says “released *starting* November 2014 on the following platforms…” So for all we know that could be the Windows version in November and the others could be any time afterwards.

        But yes, DriveClub needs releasing sooner rather than later… If only to tide us all over until we see Project Cars!

  7. With Rushy’s statements, there’s a distinction to be made between microtransactions, which he indicates are “consumables” like buying a form of in game currency or some fancy pants skin, and more traditional DLC which would be buying additional cars, tracks and so forth. In the case of the PS+ version, it’ll be paying for the rest of the retail release content.

    The question he’s answering is to do with falling into the same traps as Forza 5 and Gran Turismo 6, and he’s saying that they won’t be.

    • I read it the same, almost. I’m just wondering if skins (presumably car liveries etc) would be considered consumables as they are more to do with how you want to customise your game rather than something you need to use in order to progress in the game.
      H1Z1 seems to be making that distinction too so it sounds like Sony are taking a consistent approach to microtransactions going forward… hopefully.

  8. This will be a car crash

  9. I felt it was important to point out that he was not referring to trials fusion, which doesn’t have any microtransactions(just a season pass), but the free to play mobile game, trials frontier.

    I can see how you got confused.

    And as for drivelcub, he said no to the bad microtransactions, which offer the choice of a huge, difficult, grind, or pay up. I belive you might be able to buy individual cars, but I’m hoping that the ps+ upgrade will be well priced, imo ideally £9.99, but I would probably pay up to around £15.

    • I have this awful feeling you’re going to be disapointed. Makes no sense to be selling the retail game at full price if you’re going to let the PS+ version be upgraded for a huge amount less.

  10. My hope for The Last Guardian is stronger than the one for DriveClub… Still psyched to play with the sea eagle, and the prospect of it and the legend Final Fantasy Versus coming out within a year.

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