DriveClub Plus Edition Will Be Upgradeable To The Full Game

This one’s been kind of expected since we found out that the PS4’s PlayStation Plus will launch with a special version of Evolution’s upcoming DriveClub (or is that #DRIVECLUB?), but still nice to have some confirmation – a reduced-price upgrade will be available to take the Plus version up to the full retail edition of the game.

Our team in LA revealed earlier in the week that the ‘DriveClub PS Plus Edition’ would be the full game in terms of features, but with a cut-down number of tracks and cars. What was unclear was whether there would be a single ‘upgrade’ available on the PSN, or whether those who wanted to pick up the full game would have to buy the remaining content via micro-transactions.

Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida confirmed to me earlier this evening on Twitter that the former would indeed be the case.

Driveclub is due at the PS4’s launch, confirmed to be ‘this holiday season’ and widely expected to be sometime this November. Click here for our full hands-on preview of the game.

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  1. Cool system. Like a really good demo. Thinking of importing a PS4, can’t wait!

    • Do you know something we don’t?

      They haven’t said a release date yet, so we don’t know if it will be available in another country first or not.

      • Not about release dates. $399 works out about £260 or something, which is £90 less than buying in the UK due to our exorbitant VAT.

      • Be weary about warranty in that case, and about import duty when you have it shipped, as that will pretty much bring the price up yo the UK price anyway. At least the UK one will work as a Bluray player here as well since those are still region locked mostly.

      • In the UK and most of Europe the £349 is the end price. In America the tax is added on so it’s $399 + tax. Still makes it about £36 more expensive here.

      • Oops. Forgot Blu-rays were different. Oh well. £349 it is I guess!

    • I’d be careful with that calculation. Using HM Revenue & Customs rates it works out to £309.47 landed IF you have a seller that does free shipping/insurance. If there are shipping fees it will be more and then you have to factor in couriers charges (sometimes 10% of the overall cost). Thats straying near to the retail cost in the UK not factoring in warranties and bluray issues. Plus if the duty calcs I looked at and HMRC duty rate sheets were wrong (or wrongly interpreted by me) in that there is no duty on video game consoles then it would be a whole heap more, probably over UK RRP. The exchange rate is too far gone over the past several years that it isn’t really worth importing things from the US. Another issue is that most preorders are sold out at various retailers in the US! Don’t know why I am typing all this BS…. ;)

  2. I’m sure that I read somewhere about DriveClub being a FTP title although I’m not 100% sure. :/

    • Nope, full price game, Evolution told me yesterday.

      • Cheers for the confirmation Alex ;)
        It’s good to know that if I want the “full” game, then it’s just the one purchase that I need to make.

      • Bear in mind the game will come with continuous DLC so you’ll never own the ‘complete’ version. :)

  3. Glad about that, think it will generate more money too because people would only buy their favourite cars and tracks not all of them. It will be nice to really try the game out then upgrade if you really like it. I would like it the games coming to Plus for 4 were full games more often and not so much cut down versions but I get that can’t happen too much until there is a big back catalogue to utilise.

  4. Not 100% sure but I think you will still have to pay VAT on it anyway and you will definitely have to pay import tax so it won’t be that much cheaper. I’m not sure how the warranty works in those situations either, it might be worth looking into it a bit more before you do import one.

    • Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to bmg_123.

  5. I’m glad to here you can upgrade it to the full version, and for a reduced price. I’ve got it pre-ordered so wanted to know the ins and outs before cancelling it.

  6. I hope the upgrade is available day one as ill no doubt be requiring it ;)

  7. That’s a cool idea. Granted I will be getting the Special Edition at launch so it doesn’t really apply to me personally, but I know a couple of people who are going to check out the Lite version first, so it’s good to know they can then upgrade easily should they wish.

  8. Always suspected this to be the case and good to see it confirmed.
    They did something slightly similar with the last Tiger Woods game where the special Historic edition upgrade could be bought from the store for anyone with the basic game….granted that wasn’t a ‘lite’ edition but still shows a similar method being tested.

  9. This seems a bit off to me. Promising a ps4 game a month but giving you a cut back version.

    • By PS3 standards certainly but I’m not sure it would make business sense to start giving away full PS4 games at launch when the launch line up is likely to be incredibly small. The fact we are getting anything at all is very generous as I wasn’t expecting any free titles from PS+ until the console was 6-12months old.
      Sounds like it is a proper trial too, i.e. you get access to all the modes, can join driveclubs, etc, you just get access to fewer cars and tracks. Fair compromise as far as I’m concerned :)

      • They are all fair points but my point is they said one thing then did another. I don’t want suped-up demos to be the new “free game”

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