Forza 7 And Driveclub Go Head To Head In PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One X Comparison Video

Over the weekend Microsoft gave players around the world their first true look at Project Scorpio, now officially called Xbox One X, and one of the games to showcase the console was the newly announced Forza Motorsport 7. The Xbox One X is no doubt a powerful machine and Forza 7 does look impressive.

But YouTuber Cycu1 decided to see how it compared to Driveclub on the PS4 Pro using boost mode, and focused on the rain effects of each game. You can see the results for yourself below.

Of course there are caveats to this. On the Xbox One X Forza 7 is running at 60fps which will have an affect on some of the effects, while Driveclub is running at around 30fps. What this comparison does show as well is that both consoles have racers that do look good and generally play really well.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Really interesting. Both look incredible but I personally think Driveclub has the edge. The rain dribbling up the bonnet, the light sky in the distance, the more interesting and rough looking puddles on the tarmac and more contrast regardless of direction make DC seem more of a visual feast to me, in comparison it makes the otherwise stunning Forza seem slightly dull. I think this video does a great job of showing that game engine and console power are tools and that the clever artists who made the effects to look shiny and bright during a potentially boring deluge deserve a huge amount of credit, the Evolution guys and girls in particular.

    • Agreed, the rain is one of my favourite things about Driveclub but Forza does a good job here and the game looks fantastic overall.

  2. I was expecting Forza to be tons better as it been optimised to show off the One X while DC was built for the original PS4.

  3. Both look great, though I think they overdid it with the rain on the screen on driveclub. They could’ve made forza look better, but I think 60 FPS is the better choice.

    • Forza does look better, it’s a demo shown pre-E3 to journalists, art design favours DC because it’s fictional and not a safety barred circuit. Also HDR isn’t captured, so it’s washed out.

      If they showed FH3 vs DC on best hardware, that might be more interesting.

      • How does the circuit being fictional make a difference to the graphics? Driveclub is just a more technically accomplished game. It aims for half the framerate and also remember that Forza 7 has to run on original Xbox one hardware, which is inferior to PS4. Because of that Driveclub has much better reflections, more complicated physics sim (look at the rain streaming on the car in DC whereas the droplets are static in Forza), etc. Also Driveclub is not HDR, Forza just looks washed out because they fill the track with grey fog when it rains, probably to emulate spray.

      • Fictional makes a huge difference. Rio in Forza 6 looks stunning, because they can pile all sorts of minutia into the design, but real tracks are in reality clinical by comparison, in particular Nurburgring GP. You may as well compare Silverstone with The Grand Tour Beach Boys trip in Africa.

        Forza 7 is HDR, and the effect can’t be replicated on video. If captured from the source, it’ll appear washed out.

        Not going to debate this really. I’ve played Forza 6 and DC on original hardware. You have to play both on a TV in front of you to really see what’s going on, and DC shows its age.

      • I wasn’t talking about the amount of trackside detail, I was referring to stuff like the reflections, the water droplets, lighting… these are all objectively better in driveclub. And viewing HDR content on a non-HDR screen does not wash it out, it just looks normal, this is elementary stuff.

        Forza 7 was a game built for original xbox one hardware, which I’ll say again: is inferior to PS4. It also runs at double the framerate, so the visuals are brought down even lower. All the Xbox one X does is run the exact same visuals at a higher resolution, with perhaps a couple of minor settings bumps here and there like shadow resolution and AF. Hence why it looks worse than Driveclub.

  4. 2yr old PS4 game looks better

  5. Shame the studio shut as it would have been nice for a proper DC pro patch to see what they could do. The visuals they already got out of the standard PS4 are amazing.

    Obviously its early days with Forza being a demo, but the way the rain hits the windscreen & drops moves on the bonnet definitely gives DriveClub the upper hand in that video.

    • After watching the video again, the reflections on the wet road make DriveClub look pretty dam real. After all this time & hours of play, I’m still overly impressed!

    • Tufclub and others in the press are responsible for that. I hope they feel bad, they should.

  6. Not a fan of the genre but all these racing games look the same to me.

    It’s like FIFA… you’d think after all these years and regular (annual/bi-annual) releases, they should be at a point where the only improvements to be made are cosmetic.

    I don’t know, maybe there have been some major technological advancements in the genre, in the last 12 months.

    I see people queuing up at midnight for the latest FIFA and I wonder exactly how different this new FIFA is from the last one? Have all the footballers got new haircuts or something?

  7. Those car shadows on Forza starting at around 12-13 seconds look garbage.

  8. That’s remarkable. DriveClub is the better looking and considering it’s origin, speaks volumes!

  9. I’m not going to fool myself into believing Driveclub looks better but considering the tumultuous start to life it had it’s matured into a phenomenal game and the finest racer on PS4 in my opinion.

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