The Crew Does Have Microtransactions, Everything In Game Is “Dual Currency”

Last week it was revealed that PS4 racer Driveclub will not include micro transactions and that news pleased many of you. Going the totally opposite direction is Ubisoft with their next-gen racer, The Crew, in which “everything in the game has got this dual currency approach.”

That means you can either grind away to unlock in game items by completing challenges and missions to earn Crew Credits, or you can save yourself some bother and purchase them using real cash.

“We can confirm that performance parts can be unlocked through progression as well as micro transactions,” a Ubisoft representative told VideoGamer. “All content can be unlocked through progression, but for busy gamers who want to save some time, they will have the opportunity to buy some items in-game.”

Quite what is stopping someone buying all the upgrades within minutes of the game being released and then thrashing everyone online is rather unclear. The sensible thing to do would be to keep micro transactions for purely cosmetic items rather than anything that can enhance the performance of the car.

However, there does seem to be slightly mixed messages, the quote above says “some items” will be micro transactions, creative director Julian Gerighty has said “everything” is dual currency.

The Crew will launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this Autumn.

Source: Videogamer / Ubisoft


  1. I’m busy. I’m also a gamer, though, and, in my opinion, paying for an advantage in a game, well, you might as well stop playing games and find a more copacetic hobby that suits your busy schedule.

    • Agreed. Great choice of lingo too. Will really mess with the micro – transaction community ;)

    • I also agree.

      I think that is an excuse. What they mean is that they want to facilitate that people prone to addiction and with strong buying impulses always have the option to spend more money.

      All is fine as far as the normal game doesn’t become repetitive and annoying. I have a job already thanks.

  2. I just think the whole aspect of paying to cut corners is fucking shitty. It’s the mentality of most people today unfortunately. Wanting everything on a fucking silver platter for them.

    Cheat codes used to be the way to do that, but companies saw the opportunity to effectively charge for cheat codes.

    • I was just about to make the point about cheat codes; I think Codies were the first company to start charging for them – thanks guys!

      Paying to unlock in-game (non-DLC) items shouldn’t even be an option; I’ll be surprised if the grind hasn’t been made intentionally worse to push people down that route as well. Free to Play monetization in a full price title? Not my cup of tea, pass.

  3. Not going to purchase this then as I always assume that the game will be crocked to allow them to make more money.

    • I’ve always has this suspicion too.

  4. the trouble with a game designed from the ground up with “micro”transactions in mind, even if you can earn the stuff in game, they make it take so long to make buying it with real money more attractive.

  5. I’ve read about 10 articles for The Crew because I keep thinking they’re about The Division… I’ll get it right one day.

    • The Division will probably have micro-transactions too. You’ll probably start off with a Scalpel & Pea-Shooter unless you want to spend an extra tenner on a dagger, then another tenner on a rifle.

      • as if they’d do that.

        they won’t sell you weapons.

        they might sell you the ammo though. ^_^

  6. I don’t mind micro transactions in F2P games as the developers deserve to get paid if you enjoy their game but I’m against them in retail games, I will be prgressing and unlocking stuff the hard/correct way.

  7. Drive Club it is then!

    • Well I’ve always sided with Drive Club over this due to it being an exclusive. It makes sense to me for a game specifically made for 1 console to be more impressive than a game made for 2. I know thats not always the case and these games aren’t entirely the same, but… they do both have cars, races and horns & stuff :)

  8. Why, Ubisoft? Why must you ruin all of my hype for your game?

  9. Can someone explain why I should actually buy this game now? For me, I’m out.

  10. Why is this much of a big deal if Need for Speed as had this for awhile?

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