WeView: Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty is a game series with many faces, from the early World War 2 games to Modern Warfare and the Black Ops, it has spawned several sub-franchises over the years. With the plot lines of the Modern Warfare series all wrapped up, last year was time for another new story and setting from Infinity Ward, as Call of Duty was amongst the first games to appear on the new generation of hardware. But did they do enough?

Set in a future where the United States had been ravaged during a surprise attack from the rising superpower of the South American Federation, it was a new narrative that featured new characters, with the silent protagonist of Logan and his brother Hesh swept up in a series of operations that see them quickly inducted into the titular Ghosts. Oh, and there was a dog called Riley too, but he wasn’t actually in the game too much.


While it was let down in several places by hammy acting and an all-too-familiar formula at work, there were other standout moments that I personally really enjoyed, with the Clockwork mission a clear favourite of mine.

While enjoyable, as long as you can turn your brain off, the single player campaign is but a fraction of the game, with the main focus on the ever-popular multiplayer. Here too, there was a feeling of business as usual, with a new collection of weapons, maps and a new way to handle your perks and loadouts.

However, the level destruction that was touted in the run up to launch disappointed. In the end, it offering nowhere near the level of destruction that is seen in arch-rival Battlefield, in a move that I thought showed a desire to play it safe.

That’s where the game is stuck, in finding the right balance between change and staying true to the core. Even a minor shift can turn the large and vocal fan base away, and so this isn’t the big sweeping change to rejuvenate the series in the eyes of those who have tired and moved on.

The same can be said of the game engine, which took the ageing engine from the last generation and added layers of extra detail on top of it. Doing so managed to give a solid 1080p60 frame rate on the PS4, but could only manage 720p60 on Xbox One and ended up disappointing many with its workmanlike upgrade. It simply didn’t have the same graphical impact as the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

It’s with a new addition, Extinction mode, that I’ve personally had the most fun, playing it co-operatively as a group of four to take on the alien hordes. Though it shipped with just a single level, it has since been added to with a new level in each DLC pack, but each level provides a ton of replay value simply by virtue of lasting well over an hour and featuring a particularly challenging difficulty curve.

With all of this in mind, I ended up giving it an 8/10 in my review, citing an enjoyable blockbuster single player alongside a multiplayer that spruced up the familiar gameplay and continued in the same vein as before. It doesn’t reinvent the series, but at the dawn of a new console generation, maybe it didn’t need to.

But this is all about you and what you thought of the game. Did it do enough to get your attention with the single player? Was the multiplayer exactly what you were looking for? Or was it all too similar to what has gone before?

Leave a paragraph or two with your thoughts, then follow that up with a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating. If you get your comment in by Sunday, we might even include it in next week’s Verdict round-up.



  1. The campaign was the worst ever – the characters were dreadful. No personality, the charisma of a dead rat, not likeable in the least. And if these guys were “Ghosts”, why were they so easy to find? Utterly boring, and the levels were dull and boring.

    The multiplayer is actually rather good, however the lag compensation is game-breaking at times. Needs dedicated servers on PS4. Shame the health isn’t more – as it can often be a case of whoever shoots first wins, rather than who’s more accurate etc.

    Fortunately the Extinction mode is bloody brilliant, some of the best co-op fun I’ve had in ages, and the fact that it can be finished makes it more rewarding, and gives you more reason to play compared to the endless zombie hoard modes. The mode encourages teamwork more than any co-op game I’ve played – in complimenting each others’ setup as much as how you assist each other during the game. Due to it being well balanced I’ve even had reasonably good matches with random players, without mics. There’s no reward for trying to do everything yourself – you’ll fail. And the addition to the “Teeth” upgrades gives you more reason to play, or rewards for those who play more – which is good, as after I got all the DLC trophies there was no real incentive to continue playing until these were introduced.

    I would say Buy It, if you’re going to play Extinction (or even the multiplayer) with friends. Don’t buy it for the campaign or to play alone.

  2. I actually enjoyed the campaign, the story wasnt upto modern warfare standards but it was a cun mindless shooter, its probably one of the worst cod games but still a fun enough playthrough. It was like a ‘popcorn movie’ your not going to go away thinking “wow” or be too invested in it but you’ll not be bored.

    The multiplayer i felt was dire it looked awful, the maps are blanned and i just could not get into it as i did with black ops 2.

    Shamefully ive never got to play extraction as it will never match me up and gives a server error, perhaps anyone else who fancies a game could add me and we could arrange a time to play?

  3. oh!
    i liked the single player apart from a few really obscure sections(the bit with the sharks being one)
    i was fortunate enough to pick it up cheap so did the £10.00 upgrade to ps4.
    i cant believe its the same game,it looks a million times better on the ps4.
    as for the multiplayer,well that has just become an unplayable mess.
    the lag compensator is just a crock of s**t.you sometimes wonder how the hell can you be shot by a sniper rifle at point blank when you have already unleashed half a clip of a machine gun into someone.you sometimes get shot even though you have gone round corners or dipped behind something.and as for the killcam its like its in a different time zone?
    had a few games of extinction but not my cup of tea to be fair.
    never really got the zombie thing in lag ops.
    i suppose though as a package there is a lot on offer.
    a half decent story mode.
    a multiplayer (if you can ignore the faults)
    and extinction for a different spin on the co-op side of things.

    i believe that this is going for £15.00 on ps3 and xbox 360 now so a good chance to try it if you haven’t played it.
    and if you was to go for the ps4 version get it as cheap as possible from fle bay.

  4. Buy it, Extinction will change your life! – Get the pass too!

    I actually thought the SP Campaign was enjoyable but hey. I was playing that and KZ:SF at the time, and ditched KZ in favour of this as it was just a lot fun. Trophies were pretty lame tho, nothing particualry taxing.

    But its all about Extinction, its just bloody epic fun. The only game in a long time that keeps me going back just for the sheer fun of it!

    • You definitely aren’t addicted. ;)

  5. This is the first COD game I’ve enjoyed since the first Modern Warfare game came out.

    It’s the first game out of my PS4 collection I have completed, though I am yet to play any of the Multiplayer modes due to Diablo 3 taking over my life.

    It’s a solid game that is worth buying

    • I forgot to mention the much maligned dog.

      I genuinely felt responsible for the dog and found an emotional attachment to it. Considering the negative press, I thought it was one of the better features of the campaign.

  6. I never bother with the campaigns in these games anymore, but the multiplayer is really same old COD. You can nitpick over details (the pick 10 Blop2 system was far superior), but in the end if you enjoy this type of multiplayer you’ll enjoy Ghosts, and I certainly did. Extinction is just excellent, probably benefits from smart co-operation but even with randoms it’s a daft laugh, and so much better than the much-lauded zombie mode of previous games. If you get on with COD games, Buy It.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign, it was more of exactly what I wanted from a COD game – fast past action, great set pieces and a rollercoaster of a story to go with it. It was refreshing to see IW creating a new universe to the MW one, and be able to try out new things.
    While I wouldn’t say I connected with the characters as much as the Modern Warfare ones, I think that’s just because they’re totally new. I can’t wait for Ghosts 2 to see where the story goes, for me, the ending was totally unexpected and topped off what was a seriously fun campaign.

    The online is great too, IW’s style is far more to my liking than Treyarch’s. The guns seem balanced, and there’s plenty of choice to suit your play style as you can drop attachments, secondaries and equipment in favour of more perks which I like.
    I would say that the maps aren’t as good as the MW’s though, as I prefer a map layout with lanes to push through, rather than the ‘square’ ones with several choke points.

    I haven’t played too much of Extinction as I’m still playing on PS3, although I prefer the more objective-based layout to it rather than pure wave defence like in Zombies. Overall though, I’d still kill for some Spec Ops style co-op arcade missions to run through with a friend.

    To sum up, I think it’s a great game with countless hours of fun provided by both the MP and Extinction, and the Campaign will easily give you ~7hrs of heart pounding action. If you’ve been a fan of the previous CODs, especially Infinity Ward’s ones, then you can only really do one thing: Buy it!

  8. Going back to cod im generally enjoying it all over again, doing vet mode, playing and loving extinction etc. ive even began to enjoy online

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