WeView Verdict: Call Of Duty: Ghosts

While I really enjoyed the over-the-top action filled campaign mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts, not everyone would agree. After all, it’s another game in a long line of yearly Call of Duty releases, and perhaps underwhelmed compared to other PS4 and Xbox One titles, particularly in terms of graphical flair.

“The campaign was the worst ever – the characters were dreadful. No personality, the charisma of a dead rat, not likeable in the least. And if these guys were “Ghosts”, why were they so easy to find?” said Youles, describing it as “dull and boring”. Mick939 enjoyed it though, saying that it was a “mindless shooter” yet still fun enough to play through, likening it to a popcorn flick.

Aside from a few sections, one which revolved around annoying sharks, wonkey-willy also enjoyed the campaign, and AddictedAndy even ditched Killzone Shadow Fall, saying that he found much more to like in Ghosts’ story. Sad Panda also described it as “solid”.

Gazzagb “thoroughly enjoyed the campaign”, explaining that “it was more of exactly what I wanted from a COD game – fast past action, great set pieces and a rollercoaster of a story to go with it.” So, overall the campaign seems decent if you’re into mindless action, but the multiplayer is easily the biggest draw of the series.

Youles described the versus multiplayer section as “rather good” but also loved the co-operative Extinction mode. “Fortunately the Extinction mode is bloody brilliant,” he said, “some of the best co-op fun I’ve had in ages, and the fact that it can be finished makes it more rewarding, and gives you more reason to play compared to the endless zombie hoard modes.”

However, Mick939 thought the multiplayer was “dire”, while he hadn’t played Extinction as it keeps throwing a server error up on the screen. It’s also an “unplayable mess” according to wonkey-willy due to the lag compensation, which leads to some odd and mistimed kills.

“Extinction will change your life” said AddictedAndy who seems well and truly addicted to the game mode, describing it as “bloody epic fun”. Moshbag also enjoyed the co-operative mode very much, saying that it’s “just excellent”. I’ve not actually played it personally, but I’m tempted now after the response it’s getting here and elsewhere around the web!

Gazzagb sums up the multiplayer pretty well:

The online is great too, IW’s style is far more to my liking than Treyarch’s. The guns seem balanced, and there’s plenty of choice to suit your play style, as you can drop attachments, secondaries and equipment in favour of more perks, which I like.

I would say that the maps aren’t as good as the MW’s though, as I prefer a map layout with lanes to push through, rather than the ‘square’ ones with several choke points.

So, a good response – as probably expected – for a decent Call of Duty game, but where does that leave the votes? There are six Buy It ratings, just one Bargain Bin It and no votes for Rent It or Avoid It. It’s good then, and you should get it if you like CoD, basically!

As ever, let’s get onto the voting. Potentially quite a controversial one coming up tomorrow, where we will feature Knack, which I found to be a decidedly average PS4 game… but we’ll get to that later.

Continuing the theme of PS4 exclusives, we’ve added Resogun to the voting, alongside Tearaway, FIFA 14, and Ratchet and Clank: Nexus.


  1. Since then i went back to multiplayer which is a little better than i remembered and i now love extinction

  2. First call of duty game I’ve not bothered with since I started with WaW
    If I see it for a tenner, I’ll grab it.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy multiplayer and loved playing Extinction with people that knew what they were doing and people were willing to guide newbies. Haven’t played Extinction since the DLC.

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