Outlast Whistleblower Trailer Is Rather Gory

Outlast’s Whistleblower DLC was revealed a couple of months back, and a few weeks ago the release date of May 6th in North America, and May 7th in Europe was confirmed. Now Red Barrels has released the first real footage of Whistleblower, and it’s as gory and harrowing as you would expect it to be. This addition to the game acts as a prequel of sorts with new protagonist Waylon Park, who exposed the asylum to journalists, but it will also extend past the core game and give a final ending.

The trailer itself features things like a pot full of body parts left to boil on stove, corpses hanging from a ceiling, and people strapped to chairs. This is all accompanied by a rather jovial and happy sounding song. That just adds to the rather terrifying spectacle.

Source: Red Barrels Youtube 



  1. Sweet! I better get on and finish the Original Story then!

    • Did you get past the sewers meanwhile..?
      Especially the large hall there was such a good idea… loved it..!

  2. Any news on price.

    • $8.99 in the US, can’t seem to find a UK price though.

  3. Looking forward to this. Outlast was terrifyingly good.

  4. Outlast was great, I’ll get this on day one. Sounds like there won’t be more DLC after that, though… :o(

  5. Looking forward to this. The main game I found to be a bit frustrating at times (I think in part due to me leaving it too long between sessions)but when I got back into it I loved it. Such a great ending it was a shame when it was over as I wanted to play more.

    Do we know roughly how much gameplay this will give?

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