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Watch Dogs Season Pass Detailed, Includes T-Bone Campaign

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Watch Dogs which looks at all the content you’ll get if you purchase the Season Pass, priced at $19.99. In this trailer we’re introduced to T-Bone who will feature in his own single player campaign which is yet to get a name. If it isn’t called The T-Bone Stakes then that’s a golden pun opportunity missed right there. T-Bone is an ally to Aidan and helps him out in the story.

Other additional content featured in the Season Pass includes a Digital Trip called ‘Conspiracy!’, where Aidan can enter a digital world and fight cyborgs which remind me a little of terminators. It’s the glowing red eyes. There’s also an exclusive Untouchables pack that you can’t touch unless you buy the Season Pass, at least in North America, and in this you get access to a 1920s mobster outfit and the M1 SMG.

There will also be additional single player missions, weapons and outfits as well as all of these bonuses being unlocked a week before going on general sale.

Source: Ubisoft


  1. Cool. I’ll play it a while before thinking about a season pass but sounds like decent extra content they hold back for more money.

  2. I can’t decide whether to go for WD or not. I’m swaying on the “buy it” side but will wait for some reviews to come in first.

    • Same, but with Drive Club not out until October it’s looking more likely that I’ll be getting it.

  3. I’ll buy the vanilla game and possibly trade it in later on for the goty edition.

  4. I’ll probably buy this game as there’s not much else coming for PS4, but not until I’ve seen some reviews.

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