WeView Verdict: Knack

Knack was one of the more poorly received games on the PS4’s launch line up, with middling to poor reviews across the board and our very own Blair giving it a 5/10. But what did you think? Would it be a favourite amongst gamers themselves, or did the critical opinion spread to those that bought the game too?

Tuffcub dove in with his opinion first, decrying the “Utterly ridicuous check points,” in particular. He also took issue with the overall difficulty level thinking that it was far too difficult for a game that was ostensibly aimed at children.


It’s a sentiment that was shared by Mick939, who went on to say, “I generally could not get into this or even bear to continue playing it was just so dull.” Jim also found it quite tricky, and found it generally unimpressive, as he “often found myself becoming frustrated at the difficulty spikes and harsh checkpoints,” while Crawfail, who bought the game for his girlfriend, who then didn’t play it, “probably won’t end up finishing it” himself.

For Lyts1985, he “found the concept brilliant and it had buckets of potential but it turned out very dull, repetitive, and needlessly punishing.” He also went on to say that he wouldn’t be going for the platinum trophy on this one.

While JR. agreed that the game was difficult, he also said that “as annoying as it was, I still enjoyed the game a lot. There was a great feeling of accomplishment when you finally made it through a particularly tough section after countless re-tries and several expletive outbursts.”

Spence1115 added to this, saying, “I really enjoyed the game. Sure it wasn’t anything particularly new, but that’s what I expected, and it made me feel like I was playing old style platformers again!”

This was the point where things turned to the more positive, as Dominic Leighton simply said, “I loved it, though I genuinely can’t say why.” while Gaztee noted that “It’s the game I’ve played most on my PS4. I really don’t get all the negative press for the game.” Stubiedoo35 actually went on to award it an 8/10 and said that he had gone on to grab the platinum

For many, it came down to the point at which they realised how to play the game. Zambayoshi stated, “This is a classic example of old-school platforming action where you really need the patience to learn and adapt to enemy attack patterns. Once you are familiar with it the game is really no harder on the hard and very hard difficulties than it is on normal.”

Similarly, Kaser said, “I played this through on hard and died that much just in the tutorial that I got the trophy for killing over 100 enemies, but once you realise that there is a knack (see what I did there) to killing enemies it became a bit easy.” Zephyre even said that he “loved the world the game was set in, and Knack was a likeable enough character.”

The world and graphics were something that Eldaveo enjoyed too. “The visuals are nice and bright,” he said, “the gameplay is challenging but fair and the bonus modes unlocked upon completion of the game have offered up a decent amount of longevity.”

Finally, in contrast to Crawfail’s experience, Voolar bought the game for his wife, dropping in for the occasional spot of co-op play, and said, “We thoroughly enjoyed it – I thought it was a great old school platform brawler.”

On the whole, it seems that the positive opinions outweighed the negative, but we should turn to the votes for a simpler metric for your thoughts. There were 6 Buy It votes, 3 Bargain Bin, 3 Rent It and 3 Avoid It votes. While it was a little more divided than usual, the Buys have it, and with a few people forgetting to actually vote, it could have been even more positive!

As ever, let’s get onto the poll. Tomorrow’s WeView will turn its gaze to a yearly sporting franchise, and determine whether EA did a good job of crossing the generational divide with FIFA 14. In the meantime you can vote on which game we’ll feature next week:



  1. I dont know if its just me but i cant think of anywhere (at least near me) that rents games anymore.

    Im happy to see other people enjoy the game, i really really did want to like knack

    • Boomerang are still going, and do PS4 games via post.

  2. Recently ordered this along with spiderman…which i think i am starting to regret on both fronts….

  3. In gonna get this and play it :-)

  4. The most annoying part of this game for me were the luck-based trophies. If you wanted the platinum you had to play the game over and over and over just hoping you’d find diamonds in the treasure chests.

    • Agreed, took me 6 play throughs to get the platinum! One of which was my own fault as I didn’t start off on hard! Was on my 5th run on normal before I got my 10th diamond!

  5. Bought it…did 3 playthroughs…got Platinum…visually pleasing but awful gameplay…getting emerald or diamonds from treasure chests was not an issue for me but it was the cheating AI that I couldn’t stand…

    Enemies, often in two’s, would hit you at the precise moment you landed from a jump attack that you did on the other enemy…there was nothing you can do…and jump attacks were the only way to get most enemies as your reach was pathetic compared to theirs!

    Got the Knack PS4 bundle but sold the game on Ebay for £20 last week…

  6. I was so excited for this, first game i bought, Cerny certainly advertised it well, but i was so dissapointed, it was a truly shocking experience, just after a few chapters it got far too repetitive, i missed it originally, but i give this a solid Avoid it.

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